The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is an activity within the framework of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Education For Talent Development (EFTD)

Published on June 6, 2014 um 12:18

Summary of your idea

Having realized that in Rwanda there is no career guidance of children and teenagers, the most children of the country are studying and following the career without considering their inborn talents which can help them to become very competent Rwandans with capabilities of practicing excellently their career. Enquiring, detecting and developing the innovative and entrepreneurial in born childrens talents which lead to the spirit of being self-employers and job creators instead of being employees or job seekers. Delivering Career Guidance and counseling in order to help children and teenagers to know what they will follow according to their aptitude and talents. These include pure sciences, social sciences and some other vocational trainings which are somehow neglected (as Sculpture and ceramics, Graphic arts, Beauty and Aesthetics, Water and Sanitation, Manufacturing, Film making, drawing, music industries, dramatization, public speaking, decoration studies, hair caring, cleaning, sport: football, athletism, etc.). Offering specific courses to children based on their talents. It is in that regard that there should be an Organization which can solve the above problems. The organization is in process of being operating under the name of Education For Talent Development (EFTD). Education For Talent Development (EFTD) will be an ambitious innovative new Organization that will be focusing on developing some neglected talents as above mentioned.It is targeting every Rwandan who want to practice his/her art profession effectively especially young professionals through technical training based on inborn talents that will achieve higher technical and personal skills development. The core challenge is to provide young people with knowledge and skills which are relevant for employment, self-employment or further studies with a special interest on talent development, training facilities and employment opportunities.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Improving access to quality, equitable and effective Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) Promoting participation of girls in technical education Inclusive education. Promoting integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in technical education. Skills development through in born talents.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

EFTD goals will be achieved through establishing smart objectives from monthly operational objectives, annual objectives up to five years objectives and above. Adult people of above 18 years of age who did not fully attended 9 or 12 years basic education and those who did not attend school and special training will be given accordingly Note that vulnerable and orphan talented children will be sensible to the Organization. Projects Monitoring and Evaluation procedures will be done and followed every time. The target group covers all children of corporate Rwanda whose parents are interested in the Centers activities. EFTD will have great positive impact in the Worldwide because everyone interested in education will open his/her mind in considering that everyone must practice his/her career based on his/her in born talents thus International Organizations will take care of it. Qualitative measurement will be done through application of what children will study and the job gotten after trainings. the quality will also shown by the number of children who will be performing their domain of orientation in pure sciences, social sciences and other vocational trainings. Quantitatively, objectives will be measured in comparing the number of children supported and the number of children predisposed to support .

Your profile

I am Aphrodis NDABANANIYE, aged twenty eight (28) years old, Rwandan by Nationality new married (one wife no child). I am MBA (Masters of Business Administration), Bachelor of Education (BEd) holder and my secondary education is also Education and I am an educator by profession. In five years coming, I want to be a great social entrepreneur with self esteem who is able to create and give jobs to seekers and who economically, and socially develop my life, my family, my country and the World in general through innovation and change in the domain of education which I consider as the key to the horizon of sustainable development of my country, Rwanda and the World in general. In five years I will be a Managing Director and founder of Education For Talent Development (EFTD) with its branches in each district and around the World.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, poverty reduction, cultural diversity , empowerment of women, youth

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