TGIF-Turn Grease Into Fuel

Published on January 15, 2014 um 13:39

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Project TGIF is a student-led project where restaurants and residents recycle their waste cooking oil, it gets turned into biodiesel and is donated to charity to support families who require heating assistance. Our team is located in Westerly, RI. The idea was first initiated after reading an article in The Westerly Sun about the WARM Shelters A Dollar A Week campaign to raise funds for heating assistance in Westerly, RI. At the same time, we knew of the growing problem of global warming and the emissions produced by conventional petroleum based fuels. We looked for a solution to this problem through recycling cooking oil.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Currently, we have donated a total of 21,000 gallons of BioHeat to five local charities, including the WARM Shelter, the Jonnycake Center, Mystic Area Shelter and Hospitality, the Welcome House, and the Keep the Heat On program. This has been used to heat the homes of 210 local families. This heat has an approximate value of more than $81,000.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Some restaurants produce between 100 and 300 gallons of cooking oil per month. These restaurants then pay a company to dispose of the oil. Instead, we envisioned a system where restaurants would donate their oil to be recycled, and some of the recycled oil would be donated to the WARM Shelter for heating assistance.

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