¿What about with the drainage? (A sustainable world).

Published on April 8, 2014 um 13:02

Summary of your idea

Have you ever imagined a sustainable world? A world where the needs are obtained in a clean way? Where the cities can supply different needs by their drainages? And the factories of energy are under the cities where we live? Over time we have seen different ecological ways to generate energy but are they really %100 ecological? Exist ways to generate clean energy like solar energy, eolic energy, or even hydraulic energy, nonetheless they make a little negative impact in our world, for example: those ways to generate energy invade habitats of animals and plants, that is to say, it damage their ecosystems. That is the reason which we have thought in the drainage something that has never been given a full use, we have wasted the usefulness of drains for years. How would it work? it would work with a similar system of a small hydraulic plant, we could generate electric energy by water flow of the drainage to supply needs like street lighting, public transport, etc. Furthermore it could avoid polluting ways to generate energy. For the other hand it could change the use of the air conditioner because on the drainage are generate temperatures until 306K (depend of the place), so it is possible to use heat pumps to replace air conditioner that spend energy and that contribute in the air pollution. So it could be in cold places to generate heat. All these above advantages could be supply only with the drainage to generate a positive impact in the world's environment. So, it is essential to change the way to generate energy as soon as possible.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

One of the most important expectatives is contribute to create a sustainable world with this kind of innovation projects. Another one expectative is motivate young people to think about projects that can help to acquire these targets. In this way we could work together in this important problem about environment to achieve the target. Another target that we would achieve is in the economic aspect. First of all, we could generate employs to engineers and others professions to operate the systems. Another aspect is about taxes because in the moment that the way to generate energy becomes cheaper, the taxes that support public needs could down, so we would generate a positive economic impact. Furthermore the project could be acquired for the right company because this project would generate great profits in the energetic sector by a low cost and because the market of ecological energy has been developing in the last years. The world needs urgently a positive ecological impact due to the weather change that our planet has confronted in these years. So, everybody must to put themselves and make a positive change together.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

First of all in the next months I am going to enter to study mechatronics engineering and I am looking for a mechanical engineering student and a student of civil engineering to implement the idea. Also here, Guadalajara Jalisco has had a great technological development, for example, there is the "Guadalajara 2020" project in which the government will invest in better infrastructure such as streets, drainage, building, etc. Thus, we can see the opportunity to develop the project. Also we have gone to the secretary of innovation, science and technology to discuss our idea and they expressed interest in the project. We trust that we can develop the project in the city since the city has been interested in investing in technology projects during the last years.

Your profile

My name is Osvaldo Mendoza Servín, I am from Mexico and I am 17 years old, in this moment I am studying in high school. I consider myself a person who cares about improving their environment to benefit together. During my time in high school I have participated in contests as Mexican Science and Engineering Fair, equally in international contests such as the FENCyT 2013 in the city of Lima, Peru where I was awarded the first place in the category of basic sciences. My motivation is contribute to have a better world and improve the environment, as it is a situation that must be addressed as soon as possible.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

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