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Summary of your idea

The idea behind Naturap is to have an application that would have verified data about the natural beauties of Croatia in the modern and new surrounding of the 21 century. This modern environment, full of technology and information but also isolation is such that it imposes increasingly a requirement of harmonisation between nature and it's environment, people, who often harm the balanced relationship. Naturap doesn't harm nature, it informs which is the first step towards the recognition of the importance of nature and its subjects animals, plants and fungi that allow us to live even in these modern times. We also believe that besides the environmental side there is an educational side for the young as well as older people so that they can learn through play and exploration of the beautiful Croatian parks the values of the protected natural locations . To reiterate, Naturap will have a database of flora, fauna and fungi of national parks and nature parks in Croatia. Innovations of Naturap Broad file containing a list of all the plants, animals and fungi that are found on the premises of the Croatian national parks and nature parks . In addition to the list and pictures with the name and habitat offered background information and interesting facts about the animal, plant or fungus. The possibility of expanding the database to other geographic areas in Croatia. The plan to introduce recognition '' software '' to distinguish individual animals , plants and fungi through a camera which will greatly facilitate the search and increase the interaction of nature and society . Giving advice about the user near hiking trails and accommodation , kayaking , rafting association , ranches and restaurants in the near area and also show advertisements

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The values of our business model lies in the fact that more and more people are slowly turning to nature tired from traffic jams. Considering the fact how mobile technology and technology in general has become an integral part of the life of every human being, we believe that such applications come in great demand because it offers users an interactive experience of nature. Regardless of their level of knowledge of nature, an application to each participant had something to offer and connect them with nature in an entirely new way. We believe that the number of user applications NATURAP is high due to the fact that every year more than 2 million people visit the Croatian national parks, of which about 75% at least are foreigners. Tourists visiting the country during the summer most certainly are the largest group of potential consumers. Positive side effects for tourism that might occur from downloading NATURAP application is a potential desire to make use of the application even after visiting one individual park by visiting another park where the application will remain valid. Nature lovers are the most widespread and dispersed groups of potential client: mountaineers , climbers , hunters associations , weekend hikers and climbers , eco-conscious individuals , schoolchildren , scouts , members of the associations that are focus on activities on exploring and preserving nature . Professional users, a concept that represents experts on biological, geological and similar topics ranging from biologists, chemists, land surveyors, geologists, archaeologists to agronomists. This group includes students, teachers, scientists, etc. The important fact connected to these potential users is the assumption that they have excellent knowledge and training on specific flora and fauna that we have listed in the application

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Our advertising channels would be tour operators and travel agencies that organize trips to parks. The idea is to share leaflets to tourist offices and tourist boards in places near (not necessarily) national parks where there would be all necessary information about our application.We would try to achieve cooperation with agencies in the form of a contract in which we would guarantee a commission for each sold database for the app. We believe that this way of mass advertising to reach potentially a large number of potential customers at a relatively low cost is the best option. Also, in cooperation with major tour operators who lead their clients on a tour through parks we would try to establish a cooperation, in a way that in their brochures they highlight our application. We would guarantee them a commission for each additional purchased database. Another advertising channel to us are billboards in the vicinity of national parks. In this way we could explain on site the details about application and give potential customers an easy way to explain what is NATURA, what it offers and how to get the application. We would advertise on maximally 2 billboards. We would also use free advertising possibilitys through social networks like Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn. The proper use of Google AdWord is necessary for business. Keywords of our project would be naturap , naturapp and phrases such as national parks and nature parks. The main product the application NATURAP and the registration to our website is free for all users. This means that when downloading the application a consumer would get only the basic

Your profile

Achievements make one proud of himself and achievements are a sign of individual progress which I am proud of like many others. They vary from academic, intellectual, creative, social and many other spheres. I am proud of the projects I have made, languages I have learned through my travels, friendships I have made, hobbys I am mastering and the urge to fight future challenges that I will put on myself. I was raised in a multi national environment traveling thout most of my life from USA, Italy, Portugal and Germany. I am finishing my master study in Zagreb on informatian management and I have changed many student jobs (around 10) which gave me an view in everyday problems for people working in many different sectors and area in one economy. I have sport awards, music awards and awards for representing my faculty many times at conferences and International weeks between student organisations of Europe.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

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environment, education


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