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GreenShields is an aerodynamic add on device, designed to reduce drag and increase gas mileage in school buses. The basic idea is that school systems are not able to buy new, more energy efficient buses, therefore by using add on technology similar to what is used on trucks, schools can save money and pollute less. The founders have been refining the device, which is attached to the front of the buses roof, for the last two years at Northwestern University¹s Engineering School, with the help of two NU interns, a project manager and high school students.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The current version of the GreenShield, version 4, has been shown to improve gas mileage of school buses by 10-20%. If there was a GreenShield on every bus in America we could reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere by 1.8 million tons per year! In addition, we would be saving U.S. schools nearly 300 million dollars annually!

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Although the GreenShield is not yet ready for retail markets, we expect the cost to be somewhere around $500. At that price, it would pay for itself in less than one year!

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