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Published on April 15, 2014 um 11:00

Summary of your idea

Facing a number of challenges among which increasing biodiversity loss ranks among the top of the list, all countries of the world nowadays reaches a stage of urgent need for overcoming a huge gap and insufficient mechanisms of sharing success and challenges in biodiversity conservation related activities. Bio-connect come as sustainable solution to bridge this gap by merging Geo-information and social media application starting at the local up to the global level. The 1st of its kind in biodiversity conservation history, Bio-connect, a project implemented under Global Impact Biodiversity Initiative(GIBI), aiming at: 1. Mobilize youth to obtain new Geo-information and social media related knowledge, skills and experiences for increasing their employability in biodiversity conservation sector at the national, regional and regional level; 2. Encourage the spirit of initiative, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in biodiversity conservation by using Geo-information and social media applications which are essential for either finding or creating jobs; 3. Stimulate non-formal education programs and learning experiences that could improve the use of geo-information and social media in knowledge sharing about needed skills for jobs creation in biodiversity conservation in targeted countries, 4. Strengthen national, regional, international collaborations and partnerships with academic, research, governments, institutions, NGOs, civil society, private company and UN agencies operating in the areas of biodiversity. For achieving these objectives, we plan to create a bridge, empowerment, volunteerism and entrepreneurship spirit between GIBI technical, information management, marketing, evaluation and monitoring teams to ensure the biodiversity information flow, and its sustainable management (see flowchart). The Technical team (Geo-information specialist) at the country level will be the pillar of the system and will gather success and challenges in biodiversity conservation and then share it to the information management team to be published and shared via social media channels created by GIBI.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Useful and favorable policies elements for using Geo-information and Social Media to improve BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION are identified and promoted, The capacity of 30 youth training centers and 20 young based organization across the globe are strengthened in Geo-information and social media for biodiversity conservation; Youth led Geo-information and social media for biodiversity conservation initiatives are identified, documented, innovate uses and lessons learned are shared; The awareness of at least 1500 youth and 700 youth based organizations groups across the globe on biodiversity conservation, Geo-information and social media use is strengthened and opportunities in biodiversity promoted.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The program activities start with the launch of the online competition, on Global Impact: Biodiversity Initiative (GI:BI) website. The competition title is: End biodiversity loss by 2020?: How Youth can solve biodiversity loss by 2020?''. The competition will involve and invites young people to work on solutions for fighting biodiversity loss under the project named Bio-connect. During this project, GIBI technical team will receive training/educational materials related to biodiversity in general, to basic concept of Geo-information and Social media and its application in biodiversity conservation. GIBI looks forward to collaborate with different local, national and international NGOs, civil society and community based organization involved in biodiversity and also academic institutions and individuals. The best practices, solutions and ideas in biodiversity conservation will be will be presented and awarded.

Your profile

Since 2010, I have executed various jobs positions and projects in the areas such as Conservation Biology; Wildlife conservation and Management; Natural Resources Management; Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing applications in Biodiversity Conservation, Food Security, Land Management & Land Administration, Land Surveying. I have experience in working with youth organizations such as Challenge Future and also have membership with different organizations: IUCN-Commission of Ecosystem Management Global Impact: Biodiversity Initiative(GI:BI) Global Youth for Biodiversity Organization (GYBO) Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) EIS-AFRICA- A network for the co-operative management of Environmental information in Africa International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE) Rwanda University Club for Conservation of Biodiversity Training received will be very helpful and useful to implement successfully this idea: 1. Training on the use Geographic Technologies (Geographic Information System, Remote Sensing and Google Earth) in Research and Education for Biodiversity Conservation in Africa 2. Training on the AuthorAid on Winning Project Proposals writing; 3. Training course on the use of Web 2.0 applications and social media for development 4. Etc

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conceptual stage

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environment, education, poverty reduction, youth

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