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Published on April 15, 2014 um 11:09

Summary of your idea

Nowadays,Global warming issues are being discussed on a large scale.It has been forecasted that in the coming generation there will be a war between people and countries for resources like food,water,electricity & fuels.There are many countries in the world where electricity is an issue especially in Asia and Africa.In India,the government has promoted a plan that every household must use digital settop box for TVs rather than cable network.This has brought in my mind an idea for electricity conservation.Like the compulsory implementation of digitalization of TVs why don't all countries in the world implement strict usage of energy efficient bulbs like CFLs and LEDs for household units and industries?

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Usage of normal tubelights and yellow bulbs consume more electricity than LEDs.Many developing and underdeveloped countries are using bulbs in their households which consume more electricity.Whereas compulsory implementation of energy efficient bulbs like LEDs or energy efficient tube lights can reduce the heat and carbon emissions compared to normal yellow bulbs.LEDs use less electricity about 70% as compared to normal bulb and tube lights.This can save electricity usage and can help to reduce the impact of Global Warming.It is said that "saving electricity means generating electricity"

Plans for implementation and sustainability

This plan can be implemented when the government of the country can passes an approval for compulsory implementation of energy efficient bulbs in the household units and industries across the country.By creating awareness among the citizens of the country.Energy efficient bulbs are affordable by many people.Distribution of bulbs free of cost to poor people with the help of NGOs is a better idea.The bulb manufacturing companies can join this idea for support fro the public at large.

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Iam a 17 years old junior college student studying at Don Bosco Jr.College Pune,Maharashtra,India.I have been motivated by the entrepreneurial ideas by big entrepreneurs.My aim was to give and workout on an idea which would benefit the people and the environment.

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planning stage

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