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Summary of your idea is an innovative print media (magazine) and social media initiated by young techie and innovators to transform communities of West Nile region of Uganda. This social innovation is aimed transforming community with specific focus on youth inspiration for innovations (entrepreneurship), education and health. Inspire2shine magazine and social media shall capitalize in West Nile region where viable market exists. magazines will be published to address local community issues as in health, education and youth and also run an online social media to serve those with access to internet. The publication would aim to address key information gaps that affects community development. will generate revenue through magazine sales, adverts from companies, sponsorships and commissions.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development intervention will target young people both in and out of school, parents and stakeholders. Therefore we shall aim to target institutions of learning i.e. universities, colleges, companies (large/small), government and NGOs stakeholders and the general public for our educative and inspirational magazine publications and online social media We anticipate to publish and distribute at least 10,000 copies of magazines and also online publish educative, inspirational community concise magazines that is aimed at transforming the community of West Nile which is lying behind in the socioeconomic development strata of Uganda. intervention aimed transformed community, aspiring to positively change the socioeconomic development of its people. We shall also offer employment for young people as Sales executives, Marketing, graphics designers and cashiers.

Plans for implementation and sustainability will generate revenue and sustain its activities through sale of magazines, subscriptions, sponsorships and adverts. we shall network and work closely with knowledge institutions, mentors and motivational writers and speakers to make our publications relevant to the community in the context of operation (West Nile region of Uganda). Particularly for health and education information we shall work with specialists from Muni, Makerere, Bugema Universities while for entrepreneurial inspirations we shall collaborate with successful personalities and mentors in entrepreneurial world to drive young people into innovations and business ventures. Finance for shall be through capital contributions from its 4 members, borrowing from youth fund scheme and fund raising from friends and stakeholders/organization like competing for Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition.

Your profile management team will led by Ocen Godwin, who is a creative, dynamic and innovative young person, he is personality of good integrity, leadership and an Information Technology profession from Mbarara University of Science and Technology (2012). He got various certificates like HP E-learning certificate in business finance, customer relations management 2014. He is also a known graphics designer and has good writing skills. He served as ICT instructor and head of department with Moyo Technical Institute for one and half year, teaching assistant Multi-tech business school- Moyo study center. And now implementing OXFAM funded project at CEFORD-Aruabits for disadvantaged young people affected by LRA war in northern Uganda. He has good networking spirit with national and international non-governmental/government and he believes that the potential for any success nation comes the quality of its young generation.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , education, health, poverty reduction, youth

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