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Published on April 17, 2014 um 12:30

Summary of your idea

Being a young citizen body to generate innovative ideas in education, assist in the work they do government agencies to ensure educational quality. Being a model application, generation and transformation of knowledge, that is, use what I learned in school for projects to benefit their community, forming students with Educational Social Responsibility, that reward with strategic actions to progress and sustainable development of their country. All this can be carried out through the formation of interdisciplinary teams of highly effective pre-university or college students who meet the profile of consultant-coach, which have the task of taking for 4 months a group of students with performance problems school, in this period will be given tools for life and not for the workplace, ie will see science as a way to transform the reality we live in, with a clear and simple application approach; shall be accorded tools to improve their learning and encourage the initiative to learn on their own, forming independent leaders who can help their environment from what they know and what they know. Weekly youth volunteer brigades that will focus on areas where there is a serious lack of education requesting a voluntary fee to the beneficiaries will be formed. Educational Social Responsibility factor is the innovative project is a social norm that seeks students from public and private institutions to propose solutions based on their skills and knowledge to solve personal and social problems on a smaller scale . We seek a revolution of thought in which the potential of every child and youth to propose and implement solutions to common problematic take advantage. Knowledge should not be left only in mind.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

2015 is expected to "Educate to transform" is present in over 15 countries and have more than 6000 students benefited from being under the SER (Social Educational Responsability) method. Having a presence as a young citizen muscle that works in conjunction with the local or national government to improve teaching methods and expand ways to provide a quality education that enables thinking and acting strategically, not just memorize and gradually forget. The money raised by donations and voluntary contributions by civil organizations or communities, will be used to fund the best projects arising from the work of the brigades, just as they enable you to strengthen your idea and make it reality. Progress will be measured through an evaluation framework that takes as antecedent parameters as indices of school achievement in the region to implement the project parameters at national and international level regarding education (Infrastructure, census.) The development will be evaluated progressively using statistical methods whose data will be taken from the academic performance of participating students, compared with the above variables investigated. A future progress that has taken the members of "Education for Transformation" will be measured. Another factor will be the measurable social impact that becomes incubated projects in the brigades. The model is easy to replicate and adapt to the conditions of the area or country , since it does not need capital to start , or for a specific infrastructure to operate. They will operate under the name of "Transformation (country) 360, for example, TransformaciónGuate360 or TransformaciónMéxico360 , this in order to create an identity and sense of belonging for all members .

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The initiative "Educate to Transform" is being implemented in Mexico: TransformaciónMéxico360 as a test for feasibility and community acceptance; to strengthen the critical points and perform a more robust project very soon will begin operating in Guatemala. The total number of students who are being supported so far is 22 children and youth from Mexico City. A) The idea is sustainable, since a minimum voluntary contribution of 3 USD/2 Euro for providing advice two hours twice a week or in-kind donations are requested as blackboards, science books, etc. are asked. The place to operate can be private homes, parks, etc., does not require a fixed location. This is a business with a large social approach therefore earnings are not intended to be high, however the project is sustainable. B) The proceeds are used to give a small incentive to advisers -coach and to acquire useful learning materials that serve to optimize the overall student learning. But with funding from any public or private institution, the initiative may have greater scope to marginal communities facing this problem, mainly in Latin America. Financial support would be used to pay for transportation to attend brigades weekends for 4 months, benefited expanding sector. Like whiteboards, projectors, etc. would buy scholarship and advisors -coach to recognize their efforts and avoid desist. C) Strategic alliances and collaboration plans will be made with local and national organizations that are dedicated to supporting educational causes and support youth. The detected potential allies are: Rotary International has a presence in almost every country in the world and with AIESEC for international cooperation.

Your profile

I am convinced that this idea will work , I see a country concerned about its actions and to give back to their communities with youth; this is a fact that is reflected in the voluntary , more and more people are adding up to help without expecting anything in return . I'm a leader, social entrepreneur, most of my success I is based on the constancy and strategic thinking, fight for my ideals and defend the others. All the knowledge I have and share what I like to work together to achieve greater impact and reach further. In 2013 I was awarded the medal "Bernardo Quintana Arrioja" category leadership as one of the main leaders of my college and Mexico . I address some other related public policy and economic policy organizations such as: College Chapter IPEA-IPN. I am CEO of Atlanta Company, a school of art created by high school students who are very talented and offer a new form of entertainment at a low cost. I am a member of cooperative networks working on behalf of youth and children in Mexico and the world.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , environment, education, cultural diversity , empowerment of women, youth

Publication in a local newspaper for the academic impact of the initiative.

First-team coach-advisors. Educational Innovation 2013 event

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July 10, 2014 19:41

An Innovative and inspiring idea; "Educate to transform" I like it. Leonardo! I wish you all the best. I have votes as voter No. 2438.

July 7, 2014 04:38

Done .... I voted

July 6, 2014 11:12

vote 2326

July 6, 2014 09:49

I have just nominated you, my number 2324! good luck, Mexican guy!

July 6, 2014 06:51

Great Idea Leo :D
keep going

July 5, 2014 09:48

Keep it up. Wishing you all the best. Just cast my vote for you.

May 31, 2014 10:06

this is great idea, i learnt alot from it.

May 21, 2014 00:23

Gracias a todos por sus votos, este logro se debe a ustedes compañeros y amigos que han compartido y creído en esta iniciativa.

Recuerden que las votaciones terminan el 31 de Julio, así que hay tiempo para compartir la idea y que cada vez sean más personas involucradas y podamos llegar a los niños y adolescentes más desprotegidos y afectados en materia de educación.

Gracias a los votantes de México y Guatemala, somos países hermanos y juntos trabajaremos para transformar la educación.

Gracias a todos. Juntos por la educación.