Amateur writer and author's free practice teaching and a small printing press

Published on April 17, 2014 um 12:22

Summary of your idea

In a small office or building, we take our lessons, practice and lectures. a small set up of a room will do as long as it is comfortable for us, i can be the teacher. Our budget for the equipments, writing tools, school supplies and any other necessities will be from individual who have a kindly heart, a corporation with a helping hand and of course from the government. Our activities will focus on how to become a good writer, a good citizen, a good being and how to connect with peoples thinking. This will not improve any technological innovation but it will improve every students creative and ideas on what going on the environment. This will not help and improve you to become a fiction writer and fantasies rather it will focus on a current issue on a certain place, peoples wrongdoings, helping how to improve oneself and any ideas ho to become a good citizen by writing and eventually put it in a book. It is not being an activists or rebellious rather just to help oneself and be aware on whats going on in a current place. It will not be a profitable or in demand business because it will solely rely on what, who and if ever it will get a fund on. And if ever we got a good amount to implement project that is just good and must to our community then it will be a no brainier not to implement. And for the printing press, if ever a student finished or collaborate an idea to put it in a book, then we will communicate a bookstore to sell and have an agreement, and the profit will be add to our fund for future project. So it is basically a self improvement teaching facility.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

I will not implement an age bracket because any people who wants to become a writer is very welcome to practice himself. And i am not sure of what is the outcome because here in Philippines, if ever you move your body it must have a money to pay. I did not even think that people will practice how to become a good one because in this country being a writer is a rare phenomena-like event. You will not even be admired by a young people of your work if it a fiction type book.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Obviously it is not a business rather gathering a fund to implement to community and in a school. Financing will rely only to individual, companys and our government but it will not be affected by a political agenda because if ever a certain politician will ask or want any then the money will not be accepted by our regulation or if ever our own laws. Our collaboration will only in our in-lecture time, anyone can stand at the front and have a certain amount of time to suggest his/her ideas

Your profile

In fact, im a no one here in Philippines, im a 22 year old amateur writer. I live in a very rural area so basically publishing company is so harsh to find and if ever i will went to metro just to submit my manuscript then im like spending my 2 weeks of food. I am yet to contribute to our community by i am assuring you that i am a good citizen to rely on, i just finished my first book (in Tagalog) and have it book bind here, i used my little savings to make a 10 copies then i sold half of that and the other i give it to my relatives. I just want to encourage people to write not to harm rather to have a creative and clear mind. I will be glad just to help and tutor people how to right base on my little knowledge and perseverance to to right. My motivation? I want to write to make a book not to become popular or rich, but there is no one or any thing that i inspire-on so i stopped it because it makes me lazy and having to many distractions. Then one day, what if i make my anger, laziness and my great father to motivate myself. Then, after a while, i reviewed my note because it is too long and more already, and then i am more comfortable and i enjoyed writing. Then after my first book, i dedicate myself to become a writer, to help others and to make another book. And i just inspired writing because my father is irresponsible, drunken master, lazy to find a job and always relying on our mother to eat. I just hated him most of my lifetime. So i make my anger and hatred inspire me to write, im not saying that i will make my students to become like me rather i will motivate them and find out who, what or whatsoever they are motivate with

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , environment, cultural diversity , youth

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