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Published on April 22, 2014 um 16:28

Summary of your idea

My dream is to connect the education field with the businesses and entrepreneurs. I want to create a social startup called Syndesis in which students that are in the final school class would choose a profession and I will connect them with relevant businesses in order to go there and have a hands on experience about the profession that they want to follow. The majority of students dont know what profession should they follow or if they know they are not aware of what kind of business environment it has, what difficulties will they going to face etc. Example: I want to be an accountant, but I dont know what are the daily activities of that profession and if I really like it at all. So, Ill go to the Syndesis and they will send me for a specific time period to an accountants office in order to see by myself how it is to be an accountant. After the trial I will have a better knowledge about the current profession and if I really like it or not. With that process, students will have a clear view about the profession that they want to follow and they will save money and time. Also, I will set up a website that will include business guidance tests, personality tests, webinars and I will promote the collaborating businesses in order to attract many of them. Please let me make my dream true, and help me to help other students take the right decisions that will lead them to the right professions and make them happier, healthier and more productive. As Confucius said: Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

My target is to connect the three networks and promote to young people this idea in order to help them make the right choise about their life. i have already three universities witch will join with Syndesis. the website is already underconstruction.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

it will be a social enterprise or a official company witch will connect three network. School University Business.

Your profile

My name is Konstantinos Malaviezos, I graduated from the Technological Institution of Patras in Greece studying Business Planning and Informative Systems. As a trainee in an Internet Services Company I learned how important is to work as a team and look for new ideas that will promote our work and take it to the next level of evolution. At present time I am working as a project manager in constructing web sites & social media products at the Voluntary- Supplying Food- Action under the name PROSFERW. Leading at this field enforces me to take over as much responsibility as I can and try to be always a step ahead. I participated in Microsofts, Hepis and Get Busys competition where as a team we reached the 11Th position from the top out of 10.000 competitors and at the last Start Up Competition concerning the inspiration and new business ideas we held the 3rd position. Being aware of the difficulties of our times, working on something that you love gives you the strength to continue. At last, overcoming the obstacles seems to be an enchanting game.

Stage of Idea

planning stage, start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, sustainable energy, youth

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