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Summary of your idea

We all know that Pakistan is facing a major problem of shortage of electricity from the past few years. As out of total consumption of electricity, the share of household and commercial sector has increased from 2006-07 to 2011-12.This is clearly indicating that domestic sector require a major share of electricity and its electricity demand is increasing. That is why I came up with a solution (of Eco-friendly houses) which is suitable for domestic sector but it will be beneficial to other sectors as well. Eco-friendly houses are environment friendly, they are sustainable, as they can last for longer period of time. They help in saving a lot of energy thats why they are energy efficient. Eco friendly houses are also resource-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle: from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. For this idea, I conducted pilot and secondary research, from both of these researches I came to the conclusion that demand and awareness for eco-friendly houses exist in Pakistan but there is no Implementation of them and initial cost is more but for long term eco-friendly houses are beneficial. For the marketing of eco-friendly homes, green marketing must be establish in Pakistan,target market will be middle class, and area will be urban, we have to create awareness among people, we have to involve real state companies, and advertise eco-friendly houses through T.V or internet and budget will be within range of 30-50 million. When these eco-friendly homes enterprise will be launched in Pakistan a lot of benefits can be achieved like Sustainable community, Energy efficiency, Good health, Less maintenance, reduce pollution, job opportunities, awareness among people, boost green economy and will make better tomorrow for Pakistan.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

In order to find out feasibility I carried out quantitative research.For that sample size was 15 and no of respondents were also 15.Results indicated that there is 83% demand for Eco-friendly homes and products in Pakistan, about 70% people are aware about them but there is only 50% implementation of Eco-friendly techniques in Pakistan and people want to pay for Eco-friendly homes within range of 20-50 million if they are available to them. Therefore,when these Eco-friendly homes enterprise will be launched in Pakistan a lot of benefits can be achieved like Sustainable community, Energy efficiency, Material efficiency, Cost saving, Indoor air quality, Resource conservation, Good health, Less maintenance, reduce pollution, job opportunities, awareness among people, boost green economy and will make better tomorrow for Pakistan.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Eco-friendly homes will be implemented in Pakistan through these different ways: The establishment of green marketing in Pakistan so that not only eco-friendly homes but also other green products will be marketed and reach to the accessibility of consumers very easily. Target market for these homes will be middle class as major population of Pakistan consist of middle class, because of price flexibility these homes will be affordable for them and will solve their domestic energy problems. Area/location for these homes will be urban because major environment related problems are in the urban areas of Pakistan, and also in rural areas people are using eco-friendly techniques in some ways. Eco friendly homes will be advertise through creating awareness among people by T.V, internet or other media sources. For getting the trust of costumers, eco-friendly homes will be certified by Pakistan Green Building Council and products will be also certified and their life assessment will be carried out. For construction, real estate companies will be involved. Budget of eco-friendly homes will be within range of 30-50 million/house and funding will be carried out so that these homes will also be available to those consumers who are unable to buy them but wants to live in green way. This funding will be done by reaching to upper class of Pakistan as well as donor organizations. Investors will be also welcome to join this green living business plan. After completion in minimum period of time they will be available to citizens of Pakistan through direct purchasing, rents and in instalments as well.

Your profile

I was born and raised in Pakistan with strong belief in importance of education by my parents. I started my bachelors in Environmental Sciences from FJWU. During studies I came to know that it will be good to get such opportunity in order to enhance my knowledge related to implementation of science in business as there are very few such platforms in Pakistan for students. I also presented this idea of Eco-friendly Houses and Pakistan Renewable Energy Resources along with other group members in Thermocon 14 competition that was held in GIKI and got 2nd position. That motivated me to make business plan of eco-friendly houses for Pakistan .As that will overcome problems related to lack of Power and Energy resources and their environmental aspects in Pakistan. I along with my team members also won Best Stall Award by National Cleaner Production Center. We gave the idea of eco-friendly products & made different things by reusing old household items, paper, plastic etc. in order to reduce pollution and save money as well. I lead my group in different projects, community work as well as in competitions. My participation will give encouragement to other students as well because FJWU is Women University so especially for girls, this competition provides very good platform. So by participating in this program I will be role model for other girls. After getting place in this competition, I will try to do my best, what this competition, my teachers and parents are expecting from me to do and I will participate in such programs in future as well. Thank you for your time and consideration. I am looking forward to hear from you.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, health, sustainable energy, poverty reduction, sustainable trade

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