Trash for wealthy

Published on April 28, 2014 um 07:50

Summary of your idea

The objective is to start a waste collection, recycling and educational center that will provide rare services of waste collection, recycling and education to Dar es Salam City. Since Dar es Salaam city was rated the 12th dirtiest city in the world. I turned the problem of waste up side down by simply looking at waste as a major source of personal and national income, waste is wealthy. Activities to be implemented are: 1. Waste collection:- A new innovative system that will involve waste collection house by house in every street of the city while educating residents to separate their waste so that we can pick what to recycle and what to compost or fix or donate, aiming at zero waste to be discarded. 2. Education:- Teaching the community about the importance of conserving the environment, both, economically and healthily. 3. Recycling:- making arts, decorations and home appliances by using waste. These will be sold to fund other activities and make the project sustainable. The following approaches will be used to make this idea into a reality. 1. Aliasing with the local governments y sharing the idea and request for their support to reach households in their given areas. 2. Organizing and activating for waste management campaigns in order to change the behavior of the people to stop littering and become more mindful of their purchases. 4. Creating a sustainable and efficient system that can be adopted by the government or anyone else with similar ideas of helping the society from this waste problem 5. Publishing learning materials online and creating documentaries to disseminate knowledge to people 6. Starting action oriented voluntary groups in schools and community who will advocate for changes by educating, cleaning areas and naming and shaming those who inappropriately dispose their waste.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

On sustainable development my idea will impact the following 1. Increased Tanzania National Economy- This can be achieved through tourism, now days tourists do not come to Dar es Salaam city because it is dirty and waste is associated more closely with crime. Another is through investments, businessmen want to invest in a place that is stable and healthy, people burn trash here and most investors wont endanger their health by choosing to come here. 2. Decreased number of reported diseases- skin diseases, respiratory, cholera and even malaria spread can be decreased because the root causes of these disease is poor waste management. 3. Increased awareness about waste, waste management, recycling. 4. Increased level of employment as we will train artists to use waste in their creating to maximize profit because waste as a raw material is available at a zero cost. 5. Zero waste- people in my community will benefit from the cleaner environment. All waste will be treated as wealthy in some ways to produce alternative usage

Plans for implementation and sustainability

My business model is to make money by collecting waste and selling of recycled items. Each household shall pay only 4,000 Tshs (2 USD) per month. There are over 4million people living in Dar es Salaam, collecting waste from them all and earning 2 USD from each is more than enough to return the cost and make a substantial profit that can be invested in business growth. Secondly, The selling of recycled item have less to no costs since waste is free, thus making it the only profit making business that will never write loss on its balance sheets. Few general costs to be incurred are: office rents, company registration fees, trucks for collecting waste, cleaning equipments which all amount to 100 mil Tshs (60,864 USD) The business's market is stable and it forecasts to break even in a year period. Financial sources for this business idea are: 1. Banks- in a form of loan, but most Banks demands bonds in order to issue loan, making it difficulty for me. 2. Friends and online fundraising tools- It is also difficulty as most relatives and friends live under 5 USD per day and online fundraising tools is very complicated. 3. Work and save-which is exactly what I am doing now but it will take me so many years to get there.and by that time it may not be viable anymore I struggle with sources of funds but I still have hopes that some philanthropy might happen to support this life changing project. There are currently few organizations that I am considering partnering with. 2 of which I have been actively involved with as a volunteer and the rest have good connections to schools and community that I believe can support my educational program.

Your profile

I have a business background from my college, I then volunteered for over 3 years as a social worker in an environmental conservation NGO (Jane Goodall Institute) I am motivated by people and believe on the equality and global citizenship as a word view to healing societal challenges. My qualities that I believe will lead me to a success are : 1. My 3 years experience working with environmental conservation organization as an educator 2. My digital arts skills that I can use to spread information and educate people about waste 3. My great connections and "know how" of responsible government officials and the existing systems. 4. Being part of the residents in this town is also an additional factor because I am tackling what surrounds me on daily basis. 5. I am a leader and certified peace ambassador. these provides me with tools necessary in changing people's perspectives, enabling people to follow my lead and transforming systems. 6. I am an artist which means I can inspire others on creating artistic stuff out of waste. I also know so many artists who would like to grab the opportunity to make a living through this project 7. I am super good at making friends which will help me talk most of my business deals at a very personal level. this will help in establishing customer loyalty to my business. In 2013, I was recornized and awarded as an organizer for the 2013 Young Scientists Exhibition and Awards fair. In 2012 I became a certified peace ambassador by the Shift Network In 2008 I become a certified peer educator by Life Choices Program-Tanzania, and In 2007 I was recognized as a Leader in a Youth Leadership Summit for having organized a 2007 Peace Day commemoration at national level.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, poverty reduction

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