Published on January 16, 2014 um 16:25

Summary of your idea

UNVERPACKT-EINKAUFEN wants to reduce the packaging waste in supermarkets. Instead of transporting products in plastic bags, you should rather be able to first decide how much of the product you actually want and need and second transport it with your own box or bag or in whatever you keep that product.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Reduction of trash and a sensible social intercourse with topics like environment and recycling.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

We want to operate at the interface of consumer, merchant and producer. We also want to goffer retail ecological solutions.

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Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, food security, sustainable trade

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Please i need your daily votes

My idea, "FASHION AND DESIGNING", was nominated for the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition in the Best Ideas 2019 category. Please read my idea at https://www.entrepreneurship-campus.org/ideas/22/13774and consider supporting my idea with comments and votes!