Integrated Intensive Farm

Published on May 4, 2014 um 20:20

Summary of your idea

Integrated Intensive farm is Integration of aquaculture, dairy farming, poultry farming, Hydroponics, Alga-culture and bio-fertilizer production. Integration of different kinds of intensive farming gives a better benefits than regular individual intensive farms. Intensive farming require high inputs in terms of feed and high quality water, nutrient management system and other utilities for the cultivation and production of products. In Integrated farm model bi-products of one system can be used for other system. Water utilized for intensive aquaculture is with high carbon dioxide and high concentration of nitrates which can be consumed in alga-culture to cultivate algae to produce high value algal products and essential fatty acids. Purified water from Alga-culture can be used for aquaculture. biomass produced from hydroponics and alga-culture can be used as feed for cattle, aqua and poultry. Litter formed in Poultry farm and manure of dairy farm used to prepare bio-fertilizer by microorganisms. This integrated Intensive farm produce high quality products with high market demand and price. 1. Pesticide free Agroproducts, 2. Aquaculture products, 3. Dairy Products, 4. High value Micro algal products, 5. Poultry products, 6. Bio-fertilizer. Production of high value products from micro algae is integrated into conventional integrated farming. Effective utilization of resources and maintaining optimum growth conditions enhances the productivity in intensive farming. Steam sterilization systems to sterilize manure for bio-fertilizer manufacturing, chilling unit and cold storage for milk, poultry products and vegetables enhances the shelf life of products.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Food security problems can be overcome by adopting to sustainable technologies in farming. Integrated Intensive farm produce 30 to 45 tons of high value micro algal products, 15 to 20 tons of fish, 90,000 Liters of milk, 10 to 12 tons of chicken, 30 to 40 tons of vegetable products and 90 to 100 tons of bio-fertilizer from a 7 acres of land with a water source. This model is possible to scale-up. food products and food supplements produced in this intensive culture are chemical free and good for health. Bio-fertilizer produced will have highest nutrient content and can be replace the chemical fertilizers. All the methods used in this farm are eco-friendly and no harm to environment. This is definitely a step towards sustainable greener future.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

This business is very good for implementing. This project requires less investment. Integrated intensive farm gives more food security than conventional integrated farming. Integrated intensive farm reduces production cost by using the bi-products of its counter parts. By integrating modern farming techniques It is possible to create a high profitable business from Integrated Intensive farm. Integrated Intensive farming produces without using chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Food products produced in this organic farming methods have high demand. We will have good demand in the market for our products produced by this process.

Your profile

I am BeenaKumari, daughter of a farmer observing agriculture and problems in conventional agriculture from my childhood. We implemented modern agriculture methods in our agriculture farm and obtained the good yields. Conventional agriculture is labor intensive and not possible to control the environmental conditions. We modified our farming by farm mechanization, Intensive aquaculture, Integration of farms and following the modern methods increases the productivity. Modernization of farming methods growing under green houses with optimum growth parameters increase yields and environmental conditions does not affect the crops. Mechanization of agriculture and dairy, poultry farming and aqua culture increase profitability. I have implemented many modern methods in Dairy farm to maintain the optimum milk production environment. With my experience and technical education background i can establish a modern Integrated Intensive Farm for future food security.

Stage of Idea

planning stage, start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, health, food security, poverty reduction, empowerment of women

Farm model

Integrated Intensive Farming

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