Peaceful Entrepreneurship

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Summary of your idea

The main objective would be to understand that entrepreneurship can be used as a tool or as a strategy towards sustainable peace and conflict transformation in areas with insecurities,also assessing the value of a business through peace building is possible. People need to transformed to become socially and economically viable through trainings and valuable lessons,examples through the youth and women groups .The activities in these training would be to mobilize the affected people together first then teach entrepreneurial lessons with intentions of building peace. Innovative approaches would be bringing business oriented ideas in these places with conflicts and this would be an effective way to address poverty and would promote the collectiveness and ownership of local and internal resources.Once the mobilizing of people is done small groups would be structured so as to divide the resources equally,these resources would have the effect of scalability, later the people would engage in business practices that would unite them.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The target would be the places with conflicts and the jobless youths in such a community.These parties need to put their extra energy into positive use to reap good benefits.They need to use the entrepreneurial skills that would be provided to them to fight criticism,injustices and arguments that may rise due to financial strains. This idea has some measures to evaluate,this would include digging deeper beneath the surface to find out more about investment schemes that would be feasible,long-term and attractive to the community.Peace is never found where brilliant new ideas that might bring financial gain is not available.Government and Non Governmental Organizations may bring up bodies that would help in enhancing businesses in conflict prone areas by ensuring that the business touches the social life of the people concerned.These bodies would provide training to the community. Success would be measured by how far this idea would go in search of peace and how business training has been achieved.Once a community gets some quality training on entrepreneurial practices,with follow-ups from leaders and sometimes conditional grants.These training would improve the capacities of the communities by providing basic skills like keeping records and how to mobilize resources found locally.These communities would then come up with business projects with scalability.These would help them and their neighbors to satisfy their needs.These projects may include water vending projects,car wash facilities etc.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The business would consist of operational and managerial process that allows value delivery in a way the victims of insecurity would repeat and increase in scale.Staff training would be important because teaching of entrepreneurial practices would help in building peace.The key resources would be assets like the people of the community,technology facilities,services to the people and the appropriate channels. Creating value for customers is the way a customer's problem would be solved,that would be focused on uniqueness of customer's needs.The profit formula would not be so complex, because having the revenue and cost structure,the business idea would work as expected. Knowing who to approach for financial need would help the business to find the best option on what to do in building peace in a community.Checking on long-term financial solution would be the best thing to do,these solutions would come from a financial institution like a bank.Banks offers a range of financial products.Some finacial institutions like a factor company would also be an option because it may purchase the business outstanding invoice at a discount and would chase up debtors if there are any.Friends and donors would also help out when financial need arises.If the business has professionals like innovators,teachers,doctors etc their products and services could be sold hence financing the business.This would be beneficial also in ecological aspect. Collaborators in the business would be the people or companies that work with the business that helps in building peace without actually being part of it.A Non Governmental Organization or even the government would work with the business to ensure peace and order are maintained.

Your profile

I have the ability to tolerate cultural, education and religion diversity in the work place. I also have the ability to work with minimum supervision and well within a multicultural team. I bring creative solutions that challenge the status quo.Have participated in numerous functions and also headed a youth forum where I have gained experience on how to cope with people, understand how they think. Interacting with people have made me to know them and how their need can be met by asking question, researching and learning , using information to make public awareness and also observing environment around them . Have also participated in numerous communal works as a volunteer where I have gained experience in exceptional places where mobility is a prime virtue and where circumstances are always apt to be narrow. I also developed a sound working relationship with different people even under raw situation.

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