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Summary of your idea

Renaissance as the name suggests is aimed at redefining and remodeling the mentality of young people (a rebirth). Its main target (75%) is the non/semi educated youth population, which in most cases are not recognized or given full credibility in most youth empowerment programs/forums. Renaissance aims at making the voices of this vulnerable youth population heard, and also engineering the use of their services as a profitable alliance as Cameroon and Africa work towards development and urbanization. Renaissance is an idea for a macro development project (company) with its own internal training program for its staff and workers. It aims at providing and Eco-friendly and disease free environment and also redistributing wealth among the rich and rich and poor hence reducing the gap between them. By running two interconnected branches, it provides job opportunities for the youth population as well as top class services in construction and environmental management promoting development and urbanization. The construction sector is specialized in internal design and it provides a platform for innovative and creative design to the interiors of buildings, (houses offices hotels schools hospitals etc.). This service would be instrumental in providing jobs which dont require a lot of academic qualification but rather rely on creativity and art. This therefore means that just anyone with the right training and love for creativity and art is eligible for the job. The environmental management sector is the second sub project and aims primarily at the free collection of sewage from homes followed by treatment, recycling and processing to yield cooking gas. This sector also embodies the recycling of sewage for fertilizer production. It also takes care of the proper treatment and disposal of waste by-products obtained in the recycling process to promote an Eco-friendly environment for Cameroon, Africa and the world at large.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Statistical reports revealed by the International Labor Organization (I.L.O) show that Africa has the largest youth population (200 million). This population would normally reflect a great labor potential which unfortunately is not the case here as 57% of this population are presently unemployed and only 38-46% of this population completed secondary school. Thus a massive proportion of this population is unemployed and not qualified for the few available job offers. Renaissance however under its motto a better tomorrow for us all understands this problems and therefore aims at implementing sustainable methods to solve them by uniting this population with the crabs mentality to support each other. Renaissance strives for advancement in developing our society by providing basic academic and professional training and job offers to this vulnerable uneducated and unemployed youth population molding them to contribute to the big economic change that Africa is experiencing.In a society where sewage drainage is relatively expensive, grossly inefficient and unhygienic, most inhabitants turn to abandon their toilets when they fill-up and this promotes the spread of disease such as cholera and other dangerous bacterial and viral infections. Renaissance Eco-friendly/free sewage collection program therefore cuts off spending on sewage drainage, helping poor families save more, while producing cooking gas at cheaper prices. Its interior design program on the other hand reorganizes the space and artistic design of homes offices and other buildings, not only for the superficial decorative purpose but also creating the right environment for creative thinking. Renaissance tries to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor by providing similar services with greater discounts for the low income earners compared to the richer population. The jobs and the model for a new way of thinking in achieving development it offers Africans are undoubtedly priceless in the reforms Africa need.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Renaissance is a non profit making organization and like most other successful projects it is expected to start from scratch, make a name for itself, achieve greatness and finally proliferate to full functionality. Presently the idea for this life changing project is gradually being made a reality by a group of seven others just like me who share the enthusiasm for a better tomorrow for us all. With a present staff of eight, Renaissance comprises of a C.E.O(myself), a general manager, two external relations officers from the department of journalism and mass communications from the University of Buea, two engineers both dedicated to the internal design program, and finally a chemist and an environmentalist dedicated to the sewage program. The project start up involves drafting a good project proposal with the aim of attracting both home based and foreign interested investors for provision of funding, training personnel, advice on establishing a strong base for the project and also foreign collaborators and partners. The external relations committee would be charged with acquiring a government permit and government acknowledgement of the project. They would also be responsible for sensitizing the public and creating awareness of the project. Immediately the government permit and funding are obtained the next stage of work begins which entails the recruiting and training of interested job seekers. Personally I intend to provide the basic educational prerequisites by having the workers enroll in a one month course acquiring skills for free dialogue, public expression and reshaping their ethical ideologies. During this time the workers simultaneously undergo professional training programs in any of the departments that best suite their abilities. A success for this company would be reflected by the establishment of branches reaching out to a greater population thereby providing a better tomorrow for us all.

Your profile

I am 21 years old an I come from Cameroon a small country in west Africa that has been torn apart and ravaged by poverty and corruption. Im presently finalizing my degree program at the university of Buea/department of biochemistry and working on my science project which is the comparative analysis of the water soluble content in different strains of Irish potato. The study is actually aimed at identifying and promoting the growth and consumption of better potato specie to improve diet and health issues which are greatly problematic in Africa. Coming from a locality where a greater population of the youth is uneducated and unemployed, I took it upon myself to frequently organize youth forums and seminars which was a platform for every youth to share their ideas and views on achieving sustainable development. Attracting a few officials and sponsors was necessary for advice and perhaps funding of minor projects. However as the leader of this forum i observed that there was a lot of segregation and discrimination when proposed ideas were considered. The officials always turned to be more considerate on ideas proposed by the few educated members as compared to the larger uneducated population. This had its drawbacks; at times these proposals actually made no sense and above all it dampened the spirits of the others as their own ideas were undermined. Considering that every youth is supposed to be in one way or the other involved in the development of our nation, Renaissance is therefore the best idea in my opinion for regrouping the youth and making their voices to be heard.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , environment, education, health, poverty reduction, youth

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