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Summary of your idea

Mobistudy is a mobile educational platform that aims to utilize the mobile phone as a study tool for learners in marginalized areas.It aims to combine the device with educational content with a solar mobile charger to be able to power the mobile devices as most people in marginalized areas in developing countries do not have access to sustainable electricity

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Mobistudy will have an impact in the educational sector especially for people in marginalized areas as they would be able to utilize the mobile phone as a learning tool at minimal cost as the content of their educational syllabus would be incorporated into the device and they would be able to utilize it anytime without worrying about power as they would be able to utilize solar power for charging their devices.This would go a long way in promoting education in these regions and fast track the millennium development goal of education for all

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Mobistudy will be implemented in the format whereby through the initial investment capital we will acquire the mobile devices and solar mobile chargers and in partnership with the educational stakeholders develop suitable content for the particular educational level.Afterwards we will license the platform to schools whereby they will be able to acquire it for their students.

Your profile

My name is Isaac Sichangi Wanjala and am currently a Computer Science student at the United States International University.Iam a certified Mobile Application developer having attended various courses from MIT and Nokia Corporation.Iam motivated by the need to use digital technology to make the lives of ordinary people better and education provides the base for this cause as it tends to empower people and remove them out of poverty and ignorance.Iam a highly industrious and self-driven individual to achieve my targets

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, education

Impact of mobistudy

mobile solar charger

donated mobile devices

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