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Published on June 19, 2014 um 13:51

Summary of your idea

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" - This is the core concept behind this project. Increased exposure and engagement in social media has immensely raised the social conscience among Indian youth. We possess both intention and dedication to bring about a change in the existing social problems and situations. The youth and conscious citizens spend their hours and effort sharing, talking and spreading the awareness. However, they get overwhelmed by the negatives or negative thinking: 1.) the thought that a normal citizens effort might not make a difference and will get unnoticed. 2.) Often they receive mockery, when talked about the righteous. 3.) Blaming others to make things better rather than starting with oneself. Thus, the social awareness among youth fails to spread into the masses and is often short-lived. This idea is to remodel and churn our social awareness and involvement, to make India a better nation into a national campaign. The campaign asks an individual to pick a social cause and spread the awareness among the masses. We do this by using a printed wristband with a message to bring a positive change. This clearly and effortlessly transmits the message among the masses. Moreover, it asks the individual wearing it, to change their behaviour, thoughts, attitude or actions thus empowering the youth and citizens. So, our prime objective here is to change peoples mind-set, encourage moral behaviour and spread this wave of change to make India and Indians, a better nation and better citizens.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

With this idea, we represent social causes such as: Respect for women, Religious harmony, Save girl child, Unity within country, Encourage moral behaviour & positive emotions: Love, respect, kindness, etc. Our initial product is printed fabric wristbands which transmits a message related to these causes. For eg: an individual wears a band which says Respect women, she made us, this shows the individuals commitment to behave and show respect while interacting with women. The band constantly reminds the person of this commitment and changes the behaviour. Anyone interacting with this individual also gets the clear message which appeals them to do the same, thus promoting the righteous effortlessly. Our target is to reach 1 million people or more by 31st Dec14 in India. The bands will be sold via our on-line store, Facebook store and other retail marketplaces - Amazon, E-bay stores. The price of the band involves an amount to raise child sponsorship with World vision India. Approx. 400 customers will collectively raise funds to sponsor one child for an year, which gives a sense of responsibility to the people joining in the campaign. We measure the success & impact with the number of people joining in, feedback and number of child sponsorship raised & sustained per year.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

We implement this project with a bootstrap budget for the pilot phase. We sell these bands at $3, which incurs production cost, pan India delivery cost, donation for child sponsorship and a sustainable margin. We reach our break-even point with 10,000 sales. We expand with printed T-shirts and other merchandise. The wristband and brand name can itself act as a marketing tool. We rely on word of mouth marketing and promotion via social media. Phase 1 involves creating a web product (community connect social circle) Create a community of people who wants to bring a positive change in the nation: Involve users and ask them to connect area wise, to highlight a social issue, create their own social projects and make a difference at the grass root level in their community. Thus involving people in social enterprises and social work. This will be accompanied with a crowd funding model (like milaap, kickstarter) to fund above social projects as well as social enterprise ideas. Phase 2 will expand into a social incubator model which promote social entrepreneurship, encourage, fund and help projects which bring a positive change in the society. As the base of the idea, a requirement to change is already widespread and popular among youth, this venture is providing a tool and giving a brand name to this change. The initial product and web store set up are inexpensive; the marketing will use open existing groups & communities. Hence the pilot of this idea requires less capital and support from external sources for marketing and other activities. It's the why, which involves people and we believe to have a good core reason to attract people to join in.

Your profile

Hi, Like million others, I like to help and inspire people. I came across social entrepreneurship, a couple of years earlier and inspired by the idea of creating a living while giving back to the society. This is my attempt to make an impact on the world. Thanks & Regards, Abhinav Chauhan

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , education, empowerment of women, youth, other: spread ethics and moral behaviour

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