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Summary of your idea

in most systems of communication, information is linked by a server to different devices making a server the center of communication that means anything that happens to a server affects the whole communication network. what if we want to connect several devices to a network without a master, I propose a system that i call 'WiNex' where devices connect directly to each other without any central machine in the network. the theory here is devices connect to the nearest device, if it needs to connect to a device beyond it's range, the device nearer to it just receives and forwards information in transit. here, one person in one end of a network can communicate with another in the other end through devices between them

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This kind of network will enable people to share, receive and impart information and ideas across the network freely. it holds the potential to empower people to virtually access an unlimited source of knowledge and educational material. It also empowers them to innovate without having to ask for permission to a central authority; the global and open network provides a space to reward creativity and new ideas. it also enables family and friends to keep in touch with each other as cheaply as possible, creating a world in a room.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

This enterprise will be profited by selling these devices or licensing the technology to other electronic companies who could manufacture them. it would all start with a few people, living within the range of the devices, but as more people get them, the network also expands hence wider range.

Your profile

I was born in a small highway village in Uganda after my family fled guerrilla wars that were mushrooming in eastern part of the country after the NRA government had just seized power, also through guerrilla warfare in 1986. my family settled in that village with no where to start from because they had lost every thing they had, it was an extended family. a few years later, i was born, then my parents moved to a near by town where i live for most of my life. i attended school but ended in secondary level, having financial problems, i never joined higher institutions of learning, but i hope to continue one day when that chance comes. i believe that i was born with scientific ideas and queries, i first did my scientific query when i was three, immersing an empty cup into the water which was in the sauce pan after my mother washing dishes, asking my self why water overflew pouring down, but due to my stupidity at that age, i never got an answer until when i was old enough to understand the world around me.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , education, sustainable trade

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May 22, 2014 15:22

Your idea is lovely and amazing but I have a question what impact will it have on the smart phone world. People use their phones to call one person to one person or more if chosen.