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Summary of your idea

In todays race for marks and cut throat competition, students are lost in the deep sea of materials and options available to them. They are not aware of the right colleges or they need guidance to help them out of a tough situation. Students find it difficult to handle such a huge amount of information. They need a platform where all their needs are available at one place. This is where Edu-Line comes into the picture. Edu-line is a helpline dedicated to provide services and educational content. The helpline is a one stop shop for all students. It gratifies to the following needs of the students Academic Counselling, Psychological Counselling, Educational Materials and subject related queries. This is a 24×7 helpline which will have a toll free number. This is a revolutionary service which not only integrates all aspects of education in the form of a helpline but also it gives the underprivileged students unlimited access to top quality educational content and services. This idea also helps to enforce the Right to Education Act of 2010. Any child who is denied the right to education by any educational institution can simply call Edu-Line! Through our collaborations with the government and NGOs we will make sure to take up such cases and solve them. Apart from these some more salient features of the Helpline are online teaching, forums and exhibitions. All the factual information (list of schools, career options) will be messaged to the customers in few minutes. While the study materials (e-books, papers) will be mailed to them. We will collaborate with institutions like NCERT or different publishers and only their content will be available with us. As our investors will expand our database will also expand. This is unique because people convey more easily through speech.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Edu line is an effective tool in fostering increased academic abilities in students. It extends help to students thereby increasing productivity and efficiency. The helpline is a one stop shop for all students. It caters to the following needs of the students Academic Counselling, Psychological Counselling, Educational Materials, subject related queries and The Right to Education for every child. Our highly experienced and skilled educationists cater to the problems faced by the students. We ensure that every question posed on our desk by a student is catered to by our team. Under the Right to Education for every child, we ensure that every child communicating with us in regard to his being disqualified from an educational institute or denied education in a local institution is assisted in acquiring quality education under The Right to Education act. A 24 X 7 feature, to enable greater assistance and help to students at any instant or time of the day. Our services are available to schools and institutions who need assistance, need quality material and educational services. The student doesnt waste precious time, searching for relevant material and information, a phone call followed by a prompt response from our end saves valuable time for the students. When a call is made by a student to our call centre, it is directed to specialized departments namely:- Psychological Counselling Academic Counselling Educational Doubts and Queries Educational Materials Right to Education Division The Edu-Line Helpline is a 24X7 toll free helpline. The website facilitates communication, and is also the platform for online teaching and counselling sessions, live streams of educational events and other interactive information. Irrelevant callers are highlighted and if three strikes are associated with a particular phone number, it is blocked by us.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

In the initial stage we will expand city wise. We will first establish our start-up in Metro Cities like Mumbai and collaborate with third parties. The advantages of partnering with a third-party to outsource a helpline may include extended availability, better perception of confidentiality, and reduced cost. Extended availability with an outsourced helpline provides coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and can address the risk of missing a large number of potential calls. We would be financing our enterprise through collaborations with various firms to carry out our operations on a daily basis, for e.g. with various online mega stores for providing various goods such as stationary etc. to students and educators. We could charge these stores a certain percentage of the net sales of the company through our site. This would be beneficial to both the parties. We also plan to collaborate with various schools and colleges. The government can also assist us in our endeavor to spread our roots and provide quality services to all our students. We would also be affiliating with NGOs to help carry out regional level services. With our website going live, we can expect to earn on an average about 5 cents for every person who clicks on one of the ads on our website. Since our enterprise is dealing with students and educators we would be having very frequent visitors viewing the ads and hence making it a very viable option. Since our enterprise is education oriented, most of our advertisers would be educational firms and universities. We would be providing detailed points of these firms so as to provide options to new student applicants.

Your profile

KASHISH MITTAL- Currently 16 yrs old (4/1/98) As the beating heart of the group, KASHISH has been instrumental in bringing plain winds and ever escaping ideas into the cages of his ruthless implementation and mercenary approach to the idea hence being solely responsible for bringing the clouded escapades of our raw idea to the refined service we have here today functioning as what we call the social glue of our group. HARMANAN SINGH (17 yrs old)- Lead Statistician of our team, HARMANAN has been responsible for calculating and presenting the statistical data and has been the sole mediator between the team and the audience. He has been pivotal in painlessly substituting cold, concrete arithmetic in place of economic theories and blueprints. He has been decisive in scanning and directing potential threats and competition SUHRID MAITRA (17 yrs old) Lead marketing head, the verbose and articulate SUHRID has always been equally casual and effortless when it came to anchoring our idea to the public; market surveyor. Also, the Lead Economist of our team, he has been responsible for developing the finance plans and revenue model of the team. JISHNU CHATTERJEE (17 yrs old)- As the primary data analyst as well as the Tech head of our enterprise, a reserved and composed JISHNU has been the one to tirelessly collect, interpret and beautifully transform raw and irregular data generated from countless surveys to neat, elegant information.

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education, poverty reduction, youth

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