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Published on May 21, 2014 um 11:12

Summary of your idea

This is a mobile application that can save millions of lives. As we all know, everyone of us has a smartphone that cannot go a day without. We carry our phones everywhere we go! We download plenty of helpful application into our phones that sometimes come in handy. The First Aid AppKit is a smart phone application that guarantees you will be safe all the time no matter what happens. Lets imagine a scenario when, god forbidden, you or your love ones get into an accident in a distant place away from any form of communication and every second that goes by counts. First Aid AppKit helps you take action in the first crucial moments. First Aid appKit is a multifunctional application related to your phones GPS and camera and it has access to medical data base. So what to do with the First Aid AppKit? Its simple : 1/ Enter the name and identity cards number of the injured person 2/ take a picture of the injured person then put the smartphone directly on his skin while the application is still running: The camera related to this Application works as a scanner and can locate the source of bleeding, fracture, internal injuries/bleeding, the application also measures the pulse and the breathing pace. 3/ Hit the SEND button: After processing the data you entered, this application is going to send a detailed form that has the medical record (blood type, medical history), the type of injury that the person suffers and your exact location to the closest hospital. 4/ meanwhile, this application will show you a screen that describes the first aids that you should perform on the injured person.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This application can save millions of lives, as we all know the first few minutes after an accident or an injury are crucial to save someones life. This Application can bring awareness to both young and adult generation and it will make smartphones more productive and useful. The First Aid AppKit is a great way, to connect people everywhere and make them feel safe, it is also helpful to the medical teams as it cuts down the wasted time on the road from the injury site to the hospital and the research through medical data.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

This application can be available on every App store (Android, Apple, blackberry,etc ..) it is a paying application and easy to download to any smartphone. A pre-configuration of this application is needed to connect it to the users medical data. That way, this application is directly connected to the users own medical record but also can connect to other people medical records after you enter certain data (name, identity card number, etc ..)

Your profile

I am a First year engineering student, i study industrial biology and i am highly motivated and interested in science and technology. My aim by making this application is to spread awareness of the importance of first aids and to empower both young and adult people if crisis situations that they can encounter. This application can save millions of lives but can also send a sense of satisfaction as it feels so rewarding when you know that you helped saving someones life. I have studied first aids and got a diploma in it, but one thing i noticed was there is not enough people doing what i did and it is scary! But with this application, you can restore confidence in people knowing that by this application they CAN do something to help. Ive always been eager to help people and this is a chance for me to help a lot of people and i hope my idea can bring peoples attention. I have the character and profile of a leader but i am also a great team player and i can both work in and manage a team. I believe that my strengths in this competition will be my knowledge in science and my love of technologies and philanthropy. If my idea wins, it will not be because of luck but because it is an innovative and creative idea. I always participate in challenges that satisfy my love for adventures and sharpens my personality. I've always had the entrepreneurial spirit and dreamt of creating a start up that helps to make earth a better planet for everyone.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, health, empowerment of women, youth

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