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Published on May 16, 2014 um 16:38

Summary of your idea

My main objective is to make sure purified and distilled water bags being sold at very affordable prices, reach small villages and provinces across Kaduna state and ultimately Nigeria as a whole, since scarcity of clean and safe drinking water has been the major challenge of most people in my state. For example, if water bags are currently being sold for the price of $0.31, the price can be lowered to $0.18 per water bag, while providing higher quality of drinking water. Transportation expenses should be a major factor in overall cost, but this really shouldn't matter. If the cost of transporting the water by cars or van is too expensive, Nigeria is a country where other means of transportation are available. The water can either be transported by using a donkey, camel or cow pulling a two wheel cart, depending on which animal is available in a particular area. The further the water business grows, vans can later be hire purchased and additional man power can be employed, regardless of gender, language, tribe or cultural background respectively.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Sustainable development is said to be an organizing principle for human life on a finite planet. It advances a desirable future state for which living conditions and resource use, meet human needs. In this case, the expected impact of my idea for sustainable development is to make sure that all water, equipment and facilities used for the production of the plastic water bags, are sourced from natural means and are recyclable. Sunlight is a source of energy available every day in Nigeria or Africa as a whole. It saves money and energy as compared to alternatives like gas or firewood. Therefore, to start up a pure water bag business, I will make sure that well water is purified through direct sunlight with the use of a solar panel. The water will be boiled and distilled through this system and is adjustable to produce large volumes of water according to demand. By using easy and safe packaging, my idea is to customize the water bags with easy on the eye cartoon images depicting how the bags should be properly disposed of, after use. In addition, a custom garbage bin will be distributed to all my retailers and customers, in order to ensure the safe disposal of the bags. This idea will improve the means of recycling the bags and make them useful for continuous re-use and production as means of sustainable development. The bin is collected from the retailer or customer and taken back to the water bag production company so that this can serve as a means of fair exchange, since I will be providing them with the necessary raw materials for the production of the new bags. Therefore, the price I previously paid in buying the bags from the company is automatically reduced.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Water well drilling or digging: Well water can be considered as one of the safest and cleanest sources of drinking water in Africa. In the northern part of Nigeria, where most of the lands are dry, well drilling and digging is common to all households and communities and finding a local laborer to engage in manual digging of a well is fairly easy and affordable in comparison to buying a well drilling machine. Therefore, well water will be the main source of getting my water bag production off the ground. Although well water is not 100% clean and tastes different compare to normal water, with the help of purification and distillation, it can easily be made safe for drinking. Solar Panel Water Distiller: A solar Panel distiller can purify and distill water easily. It boils water to 100°C quicker, after which steam can be changed into liquid water and be led to another clean container to be cooled, while other impurities are left in the boiling chamber. Unlike water filter, distillers separate impurities from pure water completely. Manual Heat Sealing Machine: Also known as an impulse sealer; a heat sealer uses resistive heating element to seal and/or cut thin plastic bags or sheets. Rather than using continuous heat, which would turn the bag into a gooey-edged mess, it uses a timed impulse of heat - hence "impulse" sealer. The two above can be gotten from the manufacturing company though hire purchasing. This is going to be an agreement between me and the company on how and when I am going to be paying them. This is also going to depend on how the production is moving and how fast my business is going. Finally, all above mentioned models can be financed through sourcing or sponsorship from either banks or NGOs, which are willing to help and sponsor a small scale business entrepreneur.

Your profile

My name is Kazeem OLAJIDE Bashir, I am 26 years old and I was born and brought up in Kaduna state, in the northern part of Nigeria. Here, I was able to acquire my O level secondary school certificate and furthermore obtain a national diploma in social development at the only federal polytechnic. I then traveled to Sri Lanka, where I am currently pursuing my degree in international relations. I have always enjoyed being socially active and have done so by volunteering my time with many different non-profit agencies. My most rewarding experience occurred during my National Diploma course when I volunteered for an entrepreneurship project to help raise money and fund an orphanage. It was during the process of planning and implementation, that I learned the value of teamwork, perseverance, and my ability to think with an analytical mind to solve problems. I have traveled to many different states in my country, but moving to Sri Lanka has proven to be the biggest test of my ability to adapt to my surroundings. Not only was I moving to a new country, where I had no prior knowledge of the language or culture, but I was also living on my own for the first time. With a confident, clear plan that I put in place prior to moving, I am now working on completing my education, while also babysitting a toddler, for a family that lives in my neighborhood. Of all the business courses I attended, I found the theories in entrepreneurship to be most interesting, even when it seemed that venturing in business meant more capital. In order to make this passion a reality, l plan to study entrepreneurship in-depth. I firmly believe that education coupled with my life experiences, will not only enable me adapt to an ever changing global economy, but also excel in it due to my strong preference for problem solving and analysis.

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conceptual stage, planning stage

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environment, health, sustainable energy, poverty reduction, cultural diversity , empowerment of women, youth

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May 17, 2014 20:05

Thank you for the observation..yes I've seen the URL video you sent to me on YouTube but my Idea is actually base on distilling water through the help of solar panel direct from the sun light..and also focussing on how plastic bags can be easily recycled and taken back to the manufacturer so as to encourage sustainable development..:

May 17, 2014 18:18

In a presentation some time ago I was introduced with this product:

Not sure if it is valid for your exact case but perhaps should be taken into account imho.