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Published on May 16, 2014 um 16:32

Summary of your idea

My project aims at using digital media to enable all youth in the community share their life stories with others, with the goal of encouraging and empowering others to move on with knowledge on how to handle life's challenges, and themselves engaged in creative learning and media production, which will address youth issues like Sexual reproductive health and rights, unemployment, relationships, poverty and many others. This will be achieved through showing motivational video clips of people in the community who are going through different challenges and others who have been able to overcome these challenges. This will help build healthy relationships amongst people leading to working together to achieve development. With the fact that my project bases on using media and ICT to convey most of its communication, it will affect people socially as they will be learning more about the project and taking part in different activities, which will all be engaging them with meeting new people and learning from each other. My community is also made up of people of different tribes, each tribe having cultural values attached to it and their traditional language as their major means of communication within their family circles. Therefore for youth who do not understand or speak English, my project will have an objective of translating stories in different languages to enable easy learning and contribution of every one. However a 90% of the people in my community speak a local language called Luganda, which can be one of the best languages to communicate in with our target group.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Armor-2XL project aims at using digital media to enable all youth in the community share their life stories with others, with the goal of encouraging and empowering each other to move on with knowledge on how to handle life's challenges, through digital story telling. Showing motivational videos and video clips of youth doing business and those engaged in sports in the community, sharing their life stories, challenges they face, successes and giving motivation to the youth viewers, would encourage other youth to also think out of the box and take hold of business opportunities in their community, as well as ensure personal and general community development. The project will also use such a platform to inform youth of business opportunities in the community they can take up and also the value of volunteering and supporting people in need. The project will also create a platform, where youth can benefit from different programmes provided by other youth groups and the government, to contribute to their transition. We also look towards engaging my project in skit production on sexual and reproductive health and rights, which we will be showcasing to the youth community, categorized in thirteen episodes having different stories to learn from. Episodes include; Sex, body changes, peer pressure, drugs and drug abuse, human rights, pregnancy, relationships, HIV/AIDS, Self-esteem, menstruation, gender and defilement. We will encourage youth to share what they have been able to learn in the skits and also give those who are interested an opportunity to involve in skit productions.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

We will be renting a community hall as the venue for our events weekly, which will require us to pay for it. Therefore we will need to work with partners in raising such costs, through accessing grants, loans and in-kind donations to meet our other targets. We expect to earn more income from services offered to institutions of learning, in-kind donations, fundraising sessions and from one-time donations. Our project Stakeholders include; Armor-2XL Team: 1. Founder- Executive Director 2. Human Resource Manager 3. Advertising and Marketing Manager 4. Copyright Supervisor 5. Voice Narrator 6. Video Editing Manager 7. Graphics Coordinator 8. Sound/Music Technician 9. Script Manager 10. Volunteers from the public 11. Interns from Universities and colleges. Target Young People/community members: 1. Marginalized youth e.g. School dropouts, orphans, etc. 2. Students: In Primary and Secondary Schools, as well as University Students. 3. Different Entrepreneurs. 4. Sportsmen. Expected Sponsors: 1. Skilled media production experts e.g. Television Houses, Radio Stations, etc. 2. Non-Profit Organizations locally and globally.E.g. Uganda Youth Joint, Adobe Youth Voices, etc. 3. Ministry of Health 4. Ministry of Youth and Childrens Affairs 5. Ministry of Communications and Information Technology 6. Microsoft Partners: 1. Uganda Technology and Management University 2. Makerere University 3. Kyambogo University 4. Aptech Computer Education 5. Kampala University 6. Kyambogo College School 7. Kireka High School 8. King Solomon College 9. Clive College 10. Kyambogo Primary School 11. St. Paul Primary School-Banda 12. Social Networks 13. University Lecturers 14. Radio Stations 15. Television Houses 16. News Paper Companies

Your profile

I am 21 years of age and I live in Kampala, Uganda. Born on 12th December 1992. I went to Banda Parents Nursery School for my Nursery education for only 1 year (1999), at the age of 6 years. I later joined Banda Primary school in 2000 to 2001 for my primary one and primary two education. I then moved to Kyambogo Primary School in 2002 and completed primary in 2006. I moved to Kyambogo College School, where I studied for six years, completing my high school education in 2012. I passed the ordinary level in 2010, where I specified in 10 chosen subjects namely; Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Computer studies, Entrepreneurship, Health sciences and English language, achieving the Uganda Certificate of Education. For my advanced level education from 2011-2012, I had a combination of four subjects, that is; Physics, Economics, Maths and Entrepreneurship, which was a science combination, leading me to excellence and achieving the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education. I joined Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU) in September 2013, for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I co-founded a community organization in my village called Uganda Youth Joint, with the goal of reaching out to impact lives of youth in my community and also a vision of creating opportunities for marginalized youth, to become responsible citizens. I am a trained peer educator with SchoolNet Uganda, educating youth on their sexual and reproductive health and rights in schools. I engage in missions to different parts of Uganda, preaching the word of God and committing to community services. I am also an online volunteer with TakingITGlobal, where I joined the youth bloggers. I was also lucky to receive an opportunity to develop my social innovation with TakingITGlobals programme: Sprout E-course, of which I successfully completed.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , education, health, poverty reduction, cultural diversity , youth

Speaking at an innovation event at my University.

Me( on the left) with my friends after an event.

Friends after gathering together for a meeting.

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Greta work brother, all the best.

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