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Summary of your idea

My idea is a mixed farm made up of poultry,groundnut and corn production.At the poultry section consisting of broilers,layers,chicks and eggs.The broilers will be fed with feeds and supplements such as:Maxi-Growth and Vitalyte to make them grow bigger than the usual size and have more vitamins and minerals. In addition to the feeds and supplements that will be given to the layers,an Extra Egg Formular will be given to them to increase the sizes of their eggs a little bit than normal. The chickens will be housed in The Univent Layer Cage System as it is more durable than other cage systems,it ensures for hardly any cracked eggs,it is environmentally friendly and ventilated and promotes calmness and quietness within the flock.Trees will be planted around the birds houses to provide shade during hot weathers particularly in Africa that is relatively hot.The birds will be properly vaccinated. At the groundnut section,The Premkumar Machine will be used to sow the groundnut seeds,remove weeds and harvest groundnuts.This is because,The Premkumar Machine makes sowing of groundnut seeds in one acre of land in 2-3 hours with the help of one person while manually it takes 6-8 hours with two labourers.Harvesting from the fields which usually requires nearly 10 labourers per acre manually can be done using this machine with 2-3 labourers needed for 6 hours. The corn farming will be done using hybrid varieties to bring about better output and quality.This will be carried out with practical methods such as:calibrating drills,soil sampling,tissue tests and identifying pests.To attain optimum growth,the following factors will be considered:choice of variety,seedbed preparation,sowing,fertilizer requirements,water management,weed control,pests and diseases.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

My idea will make a positive impact on my target and bring about development through the following ways: My customers will be happier and more satisfied paying for my products and will refer me to other retailers thereby increasing my customer base. Eateries and Fast Foods will get a better grown chickens and eggs of higher quality and quantity supplied to them.As such they will start having higher sales;giving room for their businesses to expand. Restaurants and Hotels will start providing a more nutritious and balanced diets for their customers.The result is humans will become healthier and look better. Bakeries will sell products that are richer in nutrients.Supermarkets will have eggs that are bigger in size for their esteemed customers. Due to the expansion of these companies more unemployed youths will gain employment. The birds faeces that will be added to soil will make land more fertile and plants will grow better for a healthier and better environment. A large proportion of my products will be exported.The result is a higher turn-over for me and my country will generate more foreign exchange for national development.With higher turn-over I can expand my business and more people will be employed.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

For my business to be sustained I need to make profits, retain my customers and get more customers.This will be done by doing advertisements and promotions on newspapers,television,radio and magazines.Making sure that my customers that purchase up to a certain minimum quantity of my products qualify for a raffle draw or get a discount. Customers will be able to make orders for my products on the internet and the social media such as facebook and twitter will be used to reach them. Fliers and Posters that will advertise and market my products will be designed and given out to the public. I will be the CEO of my company and the company will have board of directors,farm attendants,marketers,drivers and security personnels.I will co-ordinate and run the affairs of the company;seeing to it that all the activities are carried out properly on a daily basis. To retain my customers,I will provide after sales services for them whereby some of my employees will help my customers slaughter and prepare the chickens they bought. How I plan to finance the start of my project is to:appeal to my family members,relatives and friends to raise funds for me,make presentations of my idea at the church where I worship so that kind hearted members can raise funds for me,get a job and work for some time to be able to save money and start my project.Then when my project is fully started,it will be open for the public to buy shares and invest in the company.

Your profile

I am a Nigerian and in the year 2013 I bagged a diploma in animal science and crop production.I also have primary,secondary education and a bachelor degree. What really motivated me to come up with this business idea are: I love staying around birds,checking on birds is one of my hobbies,I love eating corn and groundnut and my flair for entrepreneurship. I will be successful with this idea due to: my ability to supply the right feeds and supplements to the birds,my ability to operate the Premkumar Machine to sow and harvest groundnuts,my ability to select the right hybrid variety of maize seeds for sowing,my hardwork and dedication to the business,the qualified personnels I will employ and my loyalty to customers.Making sure that my customers derive fun from looking at the activities going on at my farm.And reward customers who patronize me the most with awards and prizes. I was given the award Youth Peace Ambassador Of The Year in 2013 in Nigeria.I also participated in the Youth Enterprises With Innovation In Nigeria(YOUWIN)Competition in 2012.

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Stage of Idea

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Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, health, food security, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, youth

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