"PYROELECTRICITY' Next genration power Business.

Published on May 20, 2014 um 17:09

Summary of your idea

pyroelectricty of ceramic is utilized as a foundation of direct conversion of thermal energy into electric energy. In existing process plant. Similar to that of It can be possible considering reverse circuit of an electrical iron/press used by us at home for our cloths. Devices to be invent that capture heat of process plant and directly convert into electricity. A device to be invenet that capture heat of process plant and directly convert into electricity.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Thus energy generated by PYROELECTRICTY concept has a lot of social, environmental, and economic benefits. To be truly sustainable, an energy source must meet these criteria: have minimal or no negative environmental or social impact; meet the needs of people today and in the future in an accessible, equitable and efficient manner; protect air, land and water; have little or no net carbon or other greenhouse gas emissions; be safe today and not burden future generations with unnecessary risk. Channel: Government has to play a major role in awareness of these initials. During any Technical Fest this technology is to be discussed to know its expected consumer need & suggestions for further improvement. Revenue Streams: Firstly free of cost installation of this system with help of government so that maximum needy family can leave fearless about power cut. As each and everybody is self dependant regarding their personal need of power And for industry it will be a Win-Win situation as Carbon footprint will be reduced. Initiative to save our planet!!!

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Key Partner:- Scientist that can work on material that can convert heat directly to electricity. Thus the efficiency of system will be maximum. Key Activities: Manufacturing of PYROCELL similar to that of solar cell that can produce electricity which can be further used in may way i.e; Charging battery (pyrobattery). Key Resources: Technology ,material /Composite material that can produce electricity directly from heat source. cost Structure: Major cost involvement will be for identification of such pyro crystal / manufacturing of PYROCELL and its trial. PYROCELL PYROBATTERY distribution GRID for supply of electricity. Value Proposition: Our Vision is Waste to Wealth conversion. With introducing any new heat source, using existing heat source and converting heat directly into electricity. Example: at house use of gas stove is common. Base plate of stove at which utensils are placed. Can be modified and made from PYROCELL that convert heat into electricity and store in Pyrocell.which can be further used for Phone charging. Thus we will not consume any fuel but save our planet by reducing green house gases. Customer Relationship: Anyone can be benefited by this concept. While cooking every House wife, Chief will be a power plant owner and will generate useful amount of power. Customer segment: House, restaurants, all process plant.

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30year old male from Udaipur,Rajasthan,India,Engineering Graduate from Govt. Engineering College Ajmer in Mechanical, working at Shree Cement Ltd.Beawar. My grandfather is my strength they teach never give up and give your best.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, health, sustainable energy

For industrial use pyrocell can be installed in hot gas ducts.

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the idea is great,but you need expand more

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your idea is brilliant. I will like have broader knowledge of this idea. I'm also a Mechanical engineering student in cameroon

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