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Summary of your idea

As our country Botswana is well known by Tourism, my idea is to form an organization that will mainly focus on training all employees in any accommodation facilities (Lodges, Hotels, Motels and Guest Houses), as accommodation is one of the key elements in this industry. Even though universities and colleges have opened doors to allow students to be trained in different courses of tourism but this is not enough as they are based much in theory than practical as it is very much important to do rather than to know. My target group as it will be employees of different companies of accommodation facilities under tourism the idea is to upgrade their skills and knowledge with the help of professionals from within and outside of our country and also with the help of different big organizations both private and government like Botswana Tourism Organization, HATAB and any others that will be providing us with any resources like funds, venues, accommodation, meals and transport. Training tourism employees it will be based on letting them to know: The importance of tourism. How our accommodation facilities can be improved. And also how the accommodation industry can be promoted. And how to handle different guests. What really motivated me as a well experienced manager I want to see our tourism industry in a high level and some employees are still lacking behind because of shortage of knowledge and skills about this industry.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

target group will be different accommodation companies employees that will be trained. As i will be working with professionals that will provide training to employees, each and every employee will receive fully training and after that, each and every-time assessment will be carried out to make sure the trained employees are doing their job very well.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

my business model as i am the one who came up with this idea i will be acting as a director followed by mentors/professionals and last employees our customers. i am going to make sure training is carried out as planned and everything goes well like organizing venues well on time, accommodations for those who will be coming from different places. this is going to be done with the help of different organisations like Botswana Tourism Organisation, HATAB and Botswana Training Authority and also with the help of any other organisations that will be providing us with any resources like funds, venues and transport even accommodation

Your profile

My name is Mr. Kemoneilwe Nchakata i am 25 years old born and raised in Tutume village. I started school on 1996 to 2002 at Tutume Central Primary School doing my Primary school leaving examination (PSLE), after that on 2003-2005 I went to Denjebuya Community Junior Secondary School were I was studying my Junior certificate (JC) and on the year 2006-2007 I was studying my Botswana General Certificate Secondary Education (BGCSE) at Tutume Mccnnell community college and after that I joined the Limkokwing university on 2008 until 2011 doing my diploma/associate degree in tourism management. After that I worked at shumba lodge as an administration assistant for a couple of some months then beginning of 2012 I was working as a manager at mophane guest house for seven months. after that I decided to go back to school to do my Degree in Tourism management after I completed my degree I hired at Shatha guest acting as a manager and it was a new tourism accommodation facility in our area which was require me as a manager to take it to a higher level until now. I possess excellent communication, team working and interpersonal skills. My greatest strengths are: strong commitment to providing the highest level of loyalty and a habit of constantly reviewing processes and identifying ways to improve efficiency and service. My professional competencies and skills are: Possess outstanding customer service, leadership, communication, and organizational skills, Proficient in operating computer applications including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and the Internet, Quickly picking up new skills and Knowledge, Skilled in handling multiple tasks, working long hours under pressure and tight deadlines and also able to tactfully resolving guest disputes. And Easy and willing to learn, Integrity, Trustworthy, Assertive, Decisive, Dynamic, customer oriented, Reliable, enthusiastic, Innovation, Creative, supervisory skills.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on


after tourism workshop

touring tourism attraction site

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