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Summary of your idea

TEC Hub is a Training, Exchange Center and Hub for developing business skills and technology exchange with other hubs all over the world targeting local organization. The objective is to bring together like minded youths in different sectors of business, unemployed, freelance, start-up's and get them to pitch ideas to organization that the youth will develop together as a team to either solve a particular problem or grow the business in a particular area. The winning idea will be a solution that will be implemented by the organization in business with the administration of the company that will use the solution. The aim to provide employment and link start-up's, the unemployed and freelancers to big organization who might need their skill set.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The estimated target of youths to impact is 20 000 over one year through workshops that will educte the youth on business basics all over Zimbabwe using universities and public venues to attract deligates. Using local business leaders to inspier and motivate the youth, the business leaders will also task the youths attending the workshops on sectors of interest in their industry of influence where they are seeking new ideas and give a problem that they will answer through a one page essay. The business leader will then select the winning idea and team from the deligates to work on his project paying the group and giving them the nessesary resources to compleate project.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The sustainability of the hub will be through events and the administation structure minimum to events, admin, business cordinator and for each project a business who will fund marketing and fund the project deligates will work on. Collaborations with other hubs in the ICT sector like Google and for the start-up's StartUp Weekend to assist with knowledge and resources

Your profile

Littchel Mathuthu has 8 years in the media industry has worked extensively with arts organisations and businesses within Zimbabwe. A Creative Director who founded Kwantuthu Arts Magazine an online publication which promotes arts in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa at large which was one of Zimbabwes first online magazine to have a application on the Google Play store. Developed to promote local Southern African arts locally and internationally assisting artists develop linkages to promote collaborations, discover promotional platforms, celebrate artists achievements and showcase new artists. Littchel Mathuthu studied marketing management with the Institute of Marketing Management (I.M.M.) in Johannesburg, South Africa, internship at Ogilvy and Mather Johannesburg. A self taught designer and music producer with communication skills, marketing, digital media expertise and creativity to the fulfilment of exciting new projects. My aim is to meet highly skilled creative people, who as a team strive for perfection and work together to produce cutting edge digital products and services that serve communities in which we live in.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, poverty reduction, empowerment of women, youth

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