The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is an activity within the framework of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)


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Summary of your idea

To encourage agric-bussiness and put agricultural practice on the front buner of every young man in my community at this advantage then over dependence on government jobs and international jobs and white collar jobs.we could become independent and empower people of all race the importance of farming which include live stock productions,grain cultivation,cash crop production,bee farminin,agro alliens farming e.t.c. Some of our activitiews include; 1.Training 2.capacity building 3.empowerment 4.employments 5.positive driven orientation Our apprach covers variety of issuess such as; 1.Right minds in the fields 2.skilled and unskilled minds on ground 3.door to door outreach

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Our Targets majorly is the young,skilled and unskilled individuals who can be trained to become positive impacter on our society and nation at large.Our ideas is economically sustainable and in the following areas such as; 1.Eradicating poverty to the bearest level in the nation 2.providing food for the massess 3.Promoting farming practice among young people Our success can be evaluated in the impact we intend to provide,we poverty will become the thing of the past and employment opportunity is the issue at hand and how our economic can become a global standard any day.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

1.Perfect field for farming practice;We will ensure we locate a good space to be able to cultivate our various produce and other Agricultural produce we desire to grow/produce. 2.Good government policy for achieving our goals and objective;The Government policy will help in our progress or mar our success.So we will work with the Government so that when they are making their policies it will favour us. 3.capacity enhancement and actualization;Our output will also contribute to the workings of the Government,were we will also act as actualizing her good in empowering people. 4.Good technical know how provision;This will helps invite the experts to help in acheiving our goals pefectly and giving us an edge over others in our citadel. Any idea is backed up with perfect people at the right time and place.with this in mind we will acheive better result. Also fund is important to bring this idea into reality and be perfectly executed.Some ways fund can be challence into this idea is thus fron agric bank;To acheive this feet w need funds and the Agric bank loan will be our friends which will help us to bring our goals and objective into reality.This banks offers to give loan at stipulated periods and te lenders pay back with intrest. b.personnal saving;Individual/Group of persons entering this trade will give certain amount to help bring into real life the dreams of this objectives and goals. 3.Government injection of finance;The Government of my country have set aside certain money wit her central banks for SME (Small Medium Enterprise),it will provide us with a bases of assessing this money so we could inturn inject into GROWING GREEN. Finally,we will desire to collaborate with wealthy individuals in my Nation and beyound on assisting us finacially to help contribute to eradicate poverty and continuous insecurity facing our nation,its going to in turn help them because if we are able to close the gap between the rich and poor,no poor indidvidual will be lusting after the rich,everyone will be happy.Allowing them have a stalk in this venture. We will put a continuous chainon ground where this venture can sustain it self no matter what may befall it,we will spread abroad to different place which will be productive and profiting to us,a chain were its independent of its primary host so that it cant be affected,it will become a conglomerate.By this our various chains of outlet can survive and do perfectly.

Your profile

Aliyu Martins A Bsc holder in Mathematics(A.B.U Zaria) Team player with a goal getter mentality Also willing and able to work under stress. *One Time Youth President Served as Executive member with many Youth Organization in my locality and represented *Also a motivational/public speaker

Stage of Idea

planning stage, start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , education, health, sustainable energy, food security, poverty reduction, elderly, sustainable trade, empowerment of women, youth:

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