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Published on May 21, 2014 um 11:20

Summary of your idea

I am an active member of a non government organization called SAL from Lovinac, Croatia and our goal is to improve the quality of life in general and in this project for breast cancer women. Breast cancer is by far the most common cancer in women worldwide. There are about 1.67 million new cases and 458 000 deaths from breast cancer each year (IARC Globocan, 2012). Breast cancer has 26% in total new cancer cases in Croatia and Zadar County is holding first place for the highest mortality rate over the past couple of years (Croatian Institute for public health, Registry for cancer 2011.) A Living lab: Center Bliss is a innovative model of a sustainable environment system where users and producers and community co-create innovations in order to reduce mortality rate and improve quality of life for breast cancer patients. This is a resourceful concept that involves users and all other relevant stakeholder in creating selfconstructive, sustainable system, flexible and adoptable to new challenges and situations. For more information about Living Labs please follow link: Center Bliss will use this model to achieve its objectives: raising awareness among women, impowering them to take responsibility, improving quality of life of women with breast cancer and reducing the mortality rate by early detection. Bliss will introduce new methods of group work to Croatia by using Open Space Technology, World caffe method, UnPanel, etc. Bliss will organize seminars, lectures and workshops for breast cancer patients, healthcare students and workers in the field of social interaction with patients, research and education and our other partners and associates. It will also provide psychological support system to women with breast cancer and services like housekeeping, food and supplies delivery, transport to a physician, etc.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Center Bliss will be a sociable place where its users, their families, professionals and whole community can get informations, counselling and educations or just a warm place to share their experiences if that is what they need. Basic condition to achieve lower mortality rate is early detection so our preventive programs of education, sensibilisation and awareness will be intended to all women. For women struggling with breast cancer Bliss will offer psychological support through individual and group interdisciplinary work, specially designed post operational training, info center about health care system and possibilities of treatment, scientific center, data base center, research center, volunteer center, media release agency etc. Bliss will coordinate networking with its partners and associates users and medical and social community, volunteers, local government and else who are supporting this project. Main activities includes organizing workshops, lectures from experts of the field, round tables, presentations - and highly scalable and adaptable group work technology as open space events and other flexible formats for hosting large group dialogues. Expected impact of this idea is improving services of treatment and providing support for women with breast cancer and professionals working with these women in order to improve quality of life and achieve higher survival rate. During the project we will be conducting evaluation of the process and of its results. Evaluation will consider following factors: performance of the activities as planned, meaningful fund managing, public response to events and actions, media coverage. For each activity there will be specially designed questionnaire to measure the results and to gather the experiences of participants. Final indicator of success will be reduced number of deaths caused by breast cancer in Zadar County.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

First activity planned is an Open Space Technology event coordinated by Lucija Vejmelka, PhD, where we will gather women with breast cancer, NGO`s active on this subject, representatives of family doctors, medical educational institutions, social welfare institutions, local government and other relevant actors in order to determine current situation, mapping needs assessment in the local community and to create new solutions for improvement by using all of local resources. This will provide a platform for collaboration and mutual learning of relevant actors on this subject. Other activities planned are expert lecture on the prevention of breast cancer development managed by eljka Roje, MD, vice president of International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS), World cafe workshops for our partners and users, postoperative trainings for women with breast cancer by Kate Marui , publishing E-book as a result of round table conclusions, managing volunteers by Emily Rak, nurse, etc. We are a team of experts inspired to make a positive change on subjects that we find important. SAL is a partner on international and national projects that improve quality of life for its users on different levels. Project ROSE is an international project where SAL, as Croatian representative, with six other EU countries develops a Support for victims of violence Living labs. ROSE uses Quadruple Helix approach to achieve a systematic transnational mutual learning that will become a self-generating process functional to develop future Local SVV Living Labs. On a national level we are partners on a project Zoo-tropical garden which aims to prevent youth violence and to promote non violent communication through animation and group work. At the moment SAL is preparing a project Manufacture of ideas Living lab for youth aiming to improve their capability for developing their ideas and making them into business.

Your profile

I am Martina arin, a 29 years old Croatian, I`ve graduated social work in 2010. and have over two years of work experience in Social welfare center Biograd Na Moru, Croatia working with people with different kind of disabilities and disadvantages. I`ve managed workshops for improving human resources of people with physical disabilities and I have volunteered in Anti-cancer league Zadar for over two months. I attend professional meetings, seminars and conferences and improve my professional skills on a regular bases. At the moment I am working as a social worker in Social welfare center Zadar, Department for financial aid and I am an active member of SAL on this and other projects. Being a women myself I find this project extremely important for my community. Considering the fact that breast cancer is curable in 90% of cases it is unacceptable that over 8,1 million people a year worldwide die of this disease and in Zadar County (170 000 inhabitants) over 50 people a year. I believe that Living lab: Center Bliss can change this terrifying figures and improve chances of survival.

Stage of Idea

planning stage, start-up stage

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