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Published on June 10, 2014 um 11:17

Summary of your idea

Education is one of the core of the development, otherwise without education nothing could be possible in term of development, unfortunately if the Africa continent is very far from the development,one of the main reason is the lack of Education or it is because of that most of the people on this continent remain again illiterate This situation is so important because a well educated people could never use weapons for any reasons, i stated like that because we are living many conflicts or wars on this continentduring these latest years, so in order to prevent conflicts or wars, it will be good to sensitize people upon the values of Education because by the link of education we learn Human Rights, and each people know his/her duty toward the other ones. In my country Ivory Coast, more than 50 percent youth is still illiterate and the north area is the most touched by this scourge.In front of this deplorable situation, i decided to submit my ideas just to reduce sgnificanly this phenomenon. That's why i did my scheme, because there are many factors that contribute to the spreading of this phenomenon, mainly: Poverty, Religion, Tradition..

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This idea could get an impact upon sustainable development because the youth is the futur of tomorrow so i will be in touch with the youth because there the cible of my fighting. I have ready approached some youth organizations and they agreed as far as my vision is concerned. I saw some student parents who specified why they don't want to enroll their kids at school and that is one of the reason i mentionned above so i would like to give them some tips in order to register their children at school as far the upcoming school year is concerned, it means that i could evaluate my work when the promised time would arrive, i'm planning to go to the north because this area is more touched, so before going i have to look for financial means because, i need to suport the student parents with tips and even some gifts for the futur of their children and child remain at home for any reason.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

I will look for sponsor to support me in order to make this idea a reality, i will also see all my friends with whom i'm working in my ONG to involve themselve in this Idea, by participating via membership fee because we belong all to the same organization, i mean education and english for You.

Your profile

I'm a graduated disabled man and my life has been dominated by all kind of problems such as discrimination, frustration because of health state, so i overcame all boundaries fefore getting this level of study. Howver many disabled have not had this luck and today they beggars.If i'm holder of BA got from University it is because i have been strong at any time of my life, so via my example,; i would to motivate the youth not be a lazy one but rather a strugler and encourage the parents of disabled children not to hide their children because of their disability because the disability is an asset so all children deserve to be educated.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, poverty reduction, cultural diversity , empowerment of women, youth

Toti's picture after after a break time during an oral examination with the students of secondaries school.

My picture with Karin Detterbeck a German girl coming in Cote d'Ivoire in 2014 for an exchanging with student association called AIESEC

A picture during a youth meeting in 2013

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July 7, 2014 16:42

exotic idea!

June 14, 2014 07:36

Although, obstacles are inevitable in everybodys
life, they are not without purpose. There is a
grand design hidden behind them. Obstacles
are the tools through which the Universe signals
our evolution to a higher plane. Evolution being
a law of nature, is applicable not only to species,
but also to consciousness.

Challenging situations serve to expand our
consciousness, by making us aware of the latent
powers hidden within each of us; and ultimately
nudge us down the path of a more perfect union
with our Creator.

Every time we accept a challenge, we also
summon the courage and the means of
overcoming it all of which lie within us. We
reach in and tap into the powers of our Higher
Self. Difficult circumstances serve to reacquaint
us with this One True Inner Self.

They remind us that we are not helpless human
beings, but we are the infinite spirit, an
indivisible part of the Almighty. We are sparks of
an infinite, divine flame. All strength, all courage
lies within us; nothing can hold us back for too
long. Slowly but surely we will build our wings
and rise against the wind.