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Summary of your idea

PROBLEM: All across the globe, young people are feeling alienated by the political leaders in matters affecting their lives. Our societies are faced with several challenges but a lack of government or institutional funding has crippled the abilities of the societies to fully solve these challenges hence the citizens feel dissatisfied. How if there is a new way to tackle these challenges? OUR SOLUTION: We believe in the power of the young person and that in every challenge is the key to its solution. We seek to provide a platform where young people can voice out their concerns pertaining to issues affecting their communities, countries or even globally and identify solutions to help whiles sharing ideas with thousands of other young people all over the world who are either facing the same situations or have answers to questions asked. The platform will ensure that young people from diverse backgrounds can share ideas and work together to tackle problems facing society and have impact investors who are willing to sponsor their ideas whiles mentoring them. OUR OBJECTIVE: Our main objective is to project the voices of young people in matters pertaining to their communities, countries and globally. OUR APPROACH: Simple - If you have identified a need, share it, form your dream local or international team on the platform, create a solution to the need and have people interested in sponsoring you. We shall have an annual IdeaFest with workshops (online and physical locations)to bring together all the young people making change in the world.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

OUR TARGETS: - Reach at least 1000 young people in each country - Have at least 10 groups in each country working actively on solving a social need - Empower young people to speak up and be heard by political leaders - Alleviate poverty through economic empowerment to youth HOW TO EVALUATE SUCCESS: - Number of young people reached - Number of ideas and solutions generated on the platform - Number of ideas and solutions funded for implementation - Impact of solutions on the society - Volume of discussion on the platform

Plans for implementation and sustainability

BUSINESS MODEL: *Key Partners - Impact Investors, Government Agencies, Media, Angel Investors, Corporate Sponsorship, International Development Agencies *Key Activities - Platform Development, Data Center Operations Management, Annual IdeaFest organization, fund sourcing. *Key Resources - ATYV Platform, Technology infrastructure, network of funding partners. *Value Proposition - Identify a need and help solve it, build teams, networking, express yourself, social development, personal development. *Customer Segments - young people, advertisers and marketers, impact investors, international development agencies. *Cost Structure - Data center, General and Administrative, Research and Development. *Revenue generation - sponsorships and grants, ad revenues FINANCING SOURCE: The key source of finance for this project during the first 5 years will be mainly sponsorships and grants until the network becomes well established to generate its own sources of income to be sustainable.

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I am passionate about entrepreneurship and started a web designing/hosting business to support SMEs and NGOs (www.imykeconcepts.biz). I have a BSc. in Business Administration (Accounting option) from University of Ghana. My passion has given me the opportunity to work in various fields across two continents (Africa and Asia) with my current work as a Growth Business Associate in a Social Impact Business in India working with rural dairy farmers. Our world is full of plight and everyday we hear worse things happening. I believe that if we start to believe in ourselves as young people and start working towards solving problems we encounter in our societies without waiting for government intervention, it will make the world a better place. The governments of this world cannot solve all problems facing societies and now is the time to team up and together be agents of change in a world that is in need. I believe that young people have the voice, ideas and passion to be agents of change if only they are given the right platform, support and mentor-ship needed. It all starts with one person and I want to be that person!

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

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peace-building , poverty reduction, cultural diversity , youth

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