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Summary of your idea

Mobile Education/schooling is first an educationally oriented idea that involves impacting knowledge to the unreached, the unschooled, the uneducated and illiterate in our society, giving them another chance to either formal education or informal education. Its all about taking education to the door step of people or individual who are not able to access education due to what ever reason that might have stop them form attaining their educational desire or prospect because insecurity, conflicts, poverty , Government policy etc. Mobile School will school the un-school able, educate the uneducated and enlighten the un-enlighten, knowing how challenged my nation is especially the northern region where I reside education is very poorly funded and not reachable to a large essence to all, education is suppose to be a back bone to any growing community but in regard to my region the reverse is the case and by MOBILE EDUCATION we could close the big gap that is eaten up the educational aspect of Northern Nigeria in this little effort. Some of what we intend to introduce include; a. A School Bus where all the school materials are in it to take to our different spot to discharge our work on a daily bases. b. Man power that is efficient that can discharge educational knowledge to the different group we will be engaging c. Capacity building d. Empowerment of idea hands whom will be willing and able to give back to the society Some of the rural and urban leaders or heads will be involve so as to give us some passage and full implementation of our dreams and ideas, even the Government of the day will be carried along for sustainability, its an idea that can revolutionize our educational pattern and make education affordable, reachable and attainable.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Mobile Education/ School is targeted majorly on those who wish could be educated or be in school but not able to due to various hindrances that mitigate their dreams and plans, we wish to give them their dreams no matter how little our initial effort could be and as time goes by they could forge ahead and become what they were truly design to become in Destiny, here we believe that the next head of Nation cold be tutored under our avenue, future doctors, politicians, entrepreneur, etc. Our success is tied to our our goals so as to ensure thus; a. Educate our students/pupils to standard of any type obtainable in the world b. Reduce illiteracy in Northern Nigeria to its barest level c. Empowerment d. capacity building e. Training center If we are able to achieve the above our mission would have been termed successful and perfect wherever we are found. MOBILE SCHOOL would had come to stay and become the next line of educating the unreached or uneducated in any part of the globe especially in Africa continent.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

At Mobile School we need not do the very big things but a little little impact upon our targets and we would have made tremendous change in the community were we are located and as time goes by our success would be reaching the globe and World at large.Our major plans to achieve this dreams to become a reality is thus; a.Understanding/co-operation;We will allow the Government of the day know about our aims/objectives and motive so as tohave the Government support in our driven purposes. b. fund;This is a back bone in establishing any idea to have a hold.Personnel savings and reaching out to some of my friends and selling this ideas to them whereby they become a stake holder in this dreams and theirby financing this goal wih their widows mite,Also reaching out to free will individuals who cares for the slow rate of education in the Northern region of my Nation to support this dream and idea which will also hold a great deal in seeing this package a reality.We will also have an Newsletter which will give our stakeholders the progress,report and success of the MOBILE EDUCATION which they are a part of it.This will enable for transperancy and accountability to this Mandate. c. My country educational curriculum which is in existence will be our mode of operation and further adjustment to international pattern to accommodate our goals and ideas, our method may differ but its still knowledge that's been impacted, not different from the method of teaching but place different. The message is not changing but the pattern is different. d. Training/sustained man power;Our services will also give training and help adults and aged people who desire to know how to read and write.Also we will provide skill acquisition. e. Outreach Methodology; We intend to take knowledge to those who are not knowledgeable and give it to them and this will take us to them on an agreed days and time.

Your profile

*Marital Status; Single *D.O.B; November 29th 1987 *State; Edo *Spoken Language; Fluent in English and Hausa *Educational Status; BSc Mathematics, Diploma in Computer Science, Senior Secondary School Certificate. AN indigene of EDO State in Nigeria but resident in Zaria, Kaduna Nigeria *BSc Holder; Mathematics Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria. *Fmr Youth President J.A.W.O.M H/Qtrs *Group Leader LAPO Micro CO-operative Zaria *A Team Player *A Goal Getter Self employed individual and a motivational / public speaker, where we re-engine the minds and capability of people to become what they where really created to become in Destiny. All have ever become and will become has had to do with GOD and him only.

Stage of Idea

planning stage, start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , education, poverty reduction, elderly, empowerment of women, youth

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