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Published on May 30, 2014 um 13:44

Summary of your idea

Carlson McCullers once said: "The most fatal thing a man can do is try to stand alone. In a world where more than 20 million women are being trafficked, a helping hand is what they need the most. Fortunately, some women are rescued from the multi-billion dollar industry of human trafficking. They are victims ignored by the government and ostracized by society, treated as criminals rather than victims. They do not have the motivation to continue with their lives, but with a center of victim resettlement, we will give the victims hope and the opportunities to stand up on their feet again and fight every obstacle in their way. After these women have been placed in a situation where they have been abused, threatened and violated; these women need to reconcile with their essence, and lose their fear of being victimized. We will provide training in different technical skills, so they become independent and capable of following their own dreams; all this through a system that is affordable and does not require abundant external donations (see implementation plans). It will be self-sustainable due to part of the revenue earned by the production of goods will go to the women themselves whilst another part will serve for the further development and growth of the organization. We will support them and prepare them to shape their own future. Once we show these women that they are not objects, but beautiful human beings, their will to live will come back and flourish.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The outcome of the project is to have a functioning system for women to be reintegrated into society. In the location, victims will have access to technical training. This includes cooking, handcrafting, textile making etc. They will be able to improve their talents in a healthy environment. The idea is to give the victims a helping hand to start their own projects but we expect them to become strong, independent women capable of sustaining themselves in their society. They will act as an inspiration for many women around the world as they will see that being a woman is something to be proud of. Instead of going back to the industry of human trafficking because of desperation, they will become skilled autonomous women. It will also help the economy, as the number of qualified women will increase, and they will use their countrys resources efficiently. Once they finish the program, they will have a new beginning, get a job, be part of society, make friends, become mothers, and build a family. The program will not only give them the opportunities to be part of the society that once ignored them but also, it will give them a reason to move on and follow their aspirations.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The idea will be sustainable because of the victims production. Cooperation with corporate partners will provide a starting investment to cover the initial costs of the capital. This will bring together investors and give them the opportunity to invest in social change to decrease the amounts of tax they have to pay (Like in the Peruvian Teleton Law). The first stage will be the training stage. Women will be trained to produce goods depending on their interests, talents and the resources their own country has, they will be taught to allocate these resources in the most efficient way possible (e.g. in Peru we will train them for the textile industry). The products they make can vary between handcrafting and textiles. To begin, the products will be sold in Peruvian markets and boutiques. This will be effective because of the high rates of tourism in Peru, especially in Cusco. Part of the income they make will go into the organization. This will help pay the training building, the materials and the guidance these women need, and will decrease dependency on external donations. In a second stage, the organization can start depending less on other entities and start constructing its own social enterprise. Besides providing stable and socially responsible employment, there will be a production center that will make products in demand for export clients, as well as shops that will sell the products. Even though this will start as only a small business, this has the ability to expand into a successful enterprise. On a third stage, they will decide if they want to start their own business or keep working with us, therefore helping other affected women to find their own motivations.

Your profile

We are a group of high school student in Lima, Peru. After being inspired by a Model United Nations conference earlier this year, our dream became to change the world through our actions and ideas. We live in a country where human trafficking is a present-day issue but even so, very little is done about it. Being a woman is something to be proud of, and we want to give the victims a reason to believe in this and to believe that they can stand up on their feet again and create a good life for themselves. Our groups name is ON ACT, formed by Alessandra Coloma, Maria Laura Luna, Constanza Añorga, Francesca Sabroso and Grace Valdevitt. We work together to prevent and eradicate human trafficking, and our goal is to transform the world we live in into a better place. place.

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conceptual stage

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peace-building , environment, education, health, poverty reduction, empowerment of women, youth

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June 4, 2014 05:09

I like your idea and hope you will reach your dream and help lot of womens

June 2, 2014 12:58

Like the passion, now go for it, there always those who will support you!

June 1, 2014 04:34

Fantástico idea Constanza you aré great

June 1, 2014 04:34

Fantástico idea Constanza you aré great

May 31, 2014 04:08

This must not stay in just an idea, but a way of encouraging women to demonstrate that there are chances for them to change their own lifes. Go for it, Constanza! ;)

May 31, 2014 01:24

Go, Constanza, go!

May 31, 2014 01:09

I would love to do that.

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it is a great idea, ye you can