Mushroom Farm

Published on May 28, 2014 um 12:00

Summary of your idea

Cultivating and commercialization Mushrooms by using coffee grounds it's my project idea. Mushrooms cultivating is a very good agro alimentary sector but it is not developed in Tunisia, working on this sector may be very profitable and cultivating the mushrooms is a promising project, so i had the idea of cultivate mushrooms using the traditional technique. Thinking about using this technique has taking me to think about the expensive chemical products and the very big quantities of water and area needed to cultivate my product. I elaborated my researches and i found that the coffee ground contain all the types of mineral salts and the quantity of water the mushrooms needs in his growing or cultivating cycle and even more. So using this new technique offer me the opportunity to minimize expenses more than 50%. This approach will make our product BIO by avoiding using the chemical products and minimize the water needs, and will give us the opportunity, firstable to empower and develop youth and womans situation, second to protect the environment by using the coffee ground as a cultivation substrate and as a high quality compost after the cultivation cycle. PS: I tested the efficiency and the safety of my technique on an agroalimentary laboratory.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Our principal project target are: 1- Agro alimentary Graduated unemployed youth stemming from families with low income or critical socio-economic situation 2- Unemployed youth and womans stemming from families with low income or very critical socioeconomic situation About the success evaluation, two measurement tools are proposed: 1- Quantitative Tool, by ensuring a statistics about average rate of annual production, the evolution rate in clients number and quality and finally the yearly targets salary increase. 2- Qualitative Tool, by verifying the Targets well-being and improved self-esteem and their financial situation

Plans for implementation and sustainability

To finance the start of my project i am planning to: 1- Create a business plan for 3, 5 and 7 years will be evaluated by experts 2- Elaborate a detailed file contains a feasibility, financial, Market, risc and detailed project management study for short and long terms 3- Verification and validation of this file, by experts in agro alimentary, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial and social entrepreneurial approach coaches and experts Elaborate a sponsoring and subvention file. 3- Contact Sponsors, Banks, Governmental programs and interested companies and NGOs, 4- Participate on Startups Than to ensure the sustainability of the project ** Elaborate a severe action plan for short and long terms ** Preserve a 3 years targets coaching ** Ensure a sustainable trade by developing the service and product quality with respecting the norms and delivery DDLs ** Ensure the international commercialization in a long term by negotiation and signing conventions with international markets.

Your profile

Firstable i want to thank you very much for this opportunity, I am a 29 years Tunisian PhD student, my dream was always to create my own project and create a positive impact to ensure a sustainable development on my society. Thats why i was engaged for 3 years in an international social entrepreneurial program as a president and a team leader, based on this experience, many skills was achieved and i developed my competences in project study, risk study and creation. My society and country needs and situation are now the biggest source of motivation to realize my dream my project

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, health, food security, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, empowerment of women, youth

Environment protection Sensibilisation action

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