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Summary of your idea

The least noticed of the destitute in Botswana are the elderly. Many elders in Botswana are trapped in misery combination of poor health and low income, despite of the free medication, food and their old age allowance provided by our government. Looking at the traditional support structure of the family, it is increasingly unable to cope with the problem where the family is breaking down and children are unable to take care of their parents, thereby many elderly end up facing destitution. The emerging demographic profile and socio economic scenario of the country indicates that matters will worsen dramatically years to come. Actually, one will get to wonder if we growing as a country, a culture or as human beings because the care fails even when we fully equipped with the needs. While there is a need to initiate poverty alleviation programs designed to support the elderly, now is the time to start. The steady elongation of life expectancy and low birth rates will take us towards an India where there will be such a large number of aged persons, that a poverty alleviation program which aims to pay even modest subsidy would require a staggering expenditure much beyond the capacity of government. In this situation, the government will realize that poverty alleviation programs directed at the aged alone cannot provide a complete solution to the problem. With such large numbers. It is an apparent frugality and self help, where people prepare for old age by savings accumulating through their decades in the labor force. The role that the government and private sectors can play in this enterprise is to create an infrastructure to enable and encourage each citizen to undertake this task and create a separate portfolio for medical expenses.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The challenge therefore is not so much to ask workers to save more but to convert high saving rates into old age security. To this end the report of phase 1 of the project recommends: (a) To limit early withdrawals. (b) Deploy superior financial portfolio management and information system, so as to obtain higher rate of returns. (c) Expand the coverage of existing provident fund systems so as to reach more workers. (d) Improve the customer service of the existing provident fund systems. REASONS TO HAVING THE OLD AGE HOME AND EXPANDING THE PENSION SCHEME I. For those who go through mental age disorder, they could be accommodated. II. Migration of young couples from rural areas to cities in search for better employment opportunities to find for themselves. III. Elders who have been in control of the household for a long time are unwilling to give up the responsibility to their own kids. IV. Elders cant look after themselves or get medical care especially in an emergency. V. If they moved abroad, it would be difficult to accommodate a senior elder. VI. With the saved up money for the senior home, we take a note that at most when people have retired they tend to misuse all the money and become poor hence they would have an old age security for health when all befalls. VII. The elder destitute could be enrolled into the program. VIII. For the retired citizens to keep on living the luxurious life they lived whilst on the labor force, since now they will be faced with many responsible such as house maintenance, phone bills, electricity and water bills e.t.c

Plans for implementation and sustainability

as capital intense it is, sponsors will be regard to make the idea succesful,as most big companies and the government are willing to alleviate poverty and help its people.WHAT TYPE OLD AGE HOME OR SENIOR HOME WILL IT BE FOR THE BATSWANA I. It will be for destitute old people who have no one to care for them, they will be given shelter, food, clothing and medical care for free and they wont be paying. II. Then secondly is where care is not provided for free. In this context it is paid for. It may again be termed as the private sector but then again for those who tend to abandon their elders, a policy shall be implemented that they do pay elder maintenance and it will be paid directly to the project just so people dont get to abandon their parents knowing the government is available to help. Here the law shall be fully employed. the growth will be financed in a way that the private sectors i.e debswana pension fund and government workers are rolled into the program for sidelining a stock of wealth that is the portion of their pension savings for their health or wellbeing,not only the two i have mentioned but other companies which have interest in taking care of their workers even after they have retired.but if later as years pass by after retirement they will be able to claim the money,they had saved for old age assistance. it will createof employment for many other qualified Batswana. With the plan not included for the senior home a rough estimation of not more than 20 hectares plot would be appropriate.

Your profile

i am a passionate person about the world and its people,22 years of age.i come from gathwane.the motivation behind the idea is seeing our elders suffer even if they are helped out by the government,they still cannot help themselveS and the government money goes to waste which could have been used somehow to help them,since they cannot take care of themselves and are sometimes abandoned. I. WHAT IS A SENIOR SOLUTION HOME? It is providing a home for the retired citizens, senior citizens so that they could be well looked and cared for in a certain safe haven. Where all the resources are available for their needs. II. WHY SENIOR SOLUTION HOMES ARE REQUIRED IN BOTSWANA? For the elderly and senior people, this is very important because they need the outmost medical care and to be looked after in every way. There are many reasons to it i.e. they can again be retirement care homes, mostly because they tend to miss the love and nurturing because of neglect/ lack of time by youngsters/ family problems/ children due to work. Also for the helpless senior citizens it may come in handy because they may be covered to receive the care that the government is trying to bring to them but is browbeaten. III. WHAT EXACTLY IS OFFERED SENIOR SOLUTION HOMES? Most importantly love, security, medical care, healthy recommended food for elders, a home. IV. WHAT IS THE IDEA AND INSPIRATION BEHIND SENIOR SOLUTION HOMES? Taking care of the old is not because they helpless but again to help with their loneliness and give them the care and love they need, so It is a noble purpose behind this, just to help elderly people in every possible way by compiling the various resources in and anywhere in the world for a better living.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

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peace-building , environment, health, poverty reduction, elderly, cultural diversity , other: expansion of the pension scheme

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