Green Woods Agricultural and Manufacturing

Published on May 28, 2014 um 11:01

Summary of your idea

Sustainably utilise available land and water resources to produce food for local communities with emphasis on.Maximise output through mixed farming; to avoid unsustainable basic methods of planting vegetables by taking into consideration soil available to create more yields by mixing various plants. Producing household and personal products with the by-products of farm produce, for example stalks farm crops can be prepared and sold to safari companies who use them to build traditional houses in camps and

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

With minimum land of five hectares, will aim to produce four different crops, therefore supplying to the needs of community at all levels. Legumes, cereals, beans and nuts can all be grown side by side. With this view a plot will produce more yields and control of weeds will be manual therefore utilising available labour resource provided by local community. The harvest occurring at varying intervals allows for land to recuperate and enhancement by organic fertilisers. When selling the output to community it will be taken into consideration distance from settlement, which in this case is relatively small due to the size of field therefore low prices. Waste organic material will be used to fertilise more soil. Readily available rangeland will be used to provide a resource for manufacturing of different goods like furniture, herbs for spices and ornaments and decorations/crafts shop.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Horticulture farming in a community of not more than 5000 people. Production of household goods/miscellaneous products by locals by using readily available resources like wood. Land is can be acquired from the local land board, financing by the already established Village Development Committee, department of Youth, families provide seedlings for crops. Infrastructures will be developed by local capable craftsman supervised by an expert. Management and decision making will be a collaborative effort by the community top leadership, me, government's department of environmental affairs, department of rangeland resources and department of home affairs.

Your profile

23 Years male from Republic of Botswana. Environmental Sciences major from University of Botswana. Grew up between the city and village where my grandparents were substance farmers. This had a great impact on me to take up farming even in my homestead a garden will always be visible as a source of organic foods. Wildlife conservation has become part of my objectives in my life this also due to the course at university which exposed me to more pressing interests of climate change, land degradation, poaching and other environmental issues. At junior school I took an option in Business studies since then I consider myself a natural entrepreneur because I have a distinct business acumen. An enthusiastic learner of many subjects touching on the daily life of people.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, health, food security, poverty reduction, elderly, sustainable trade

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