IUVENIA Award for youth-friendly enterprises

Published on June 2, 2014 um 15:54

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The IUVENIA Award is an initiative to reward and recognize companies that have the best working conditions for young people in Mexico. It will consist on a badge that will be part of the companies public image. Criteria for the evaluation will be developed in a fill-in format. The more points the enterprise wins, the more possibilities to be recognized with the IUVENIA badge. It will be awarded annually. This is an innovative project in that it approaches a very common and deeply-rooted problem of our society (youth unemployment and lack of decent youth employment conditions) in a very positive way. Instead of pointing fingers at companies that are failing to offer young people good working opportunities, we are positively pointing out those companies which in fact are, thus encouraging young people to come work for them and other companies to seek this kind of recognition. This kind of initiative is not common in our country and it can help us re-shape the way society looks at both young people and private enterprises.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The implementation of the IUVENIA award for youth-friendly enterprises will be a powerful tool in ensuring that young people have access to decent work conditions in Mexico. By making sure young people can have better working conditions, we are also fostering sustainable development in the way that these people have access to health and social services for themselves and their families, that they can afford proper housing and that they contribute to the national income, being part of the formal economy. With IUVENIA, we will also be decreasing the incentives for young people to turn to illegal activities, such as organized crime or informal commerce, which produce great damages to the environment and disrupt the social fabric. The fact that we involve private enterprises for a social cause will also guarantee its permanence and scalability.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The IUVENIA Award was conceived as a self-sustainable initiative. The business model behind it runs like this: enterprises that want to receive the award pay an initial fee (5,000 20,000 USD depending on the companys size). We collect information from them (through visits to their premises and interviews with its HR Department and its workers). We build a database on each company, which allows us to determine whether they should be granted the IUVENIA Award or not. In case they are not deemed good candidates for the Award, we offer them special coaching on how to implement practices to make their company youth-friendly (at an additional cost of 50% the previous fee) and then they can participate (for free) the following year (after the implementation of the suggested strategies) to see if they can win the Award. Companies can renew their IUVENIA Award on a yearly basis. This project is currently under development. At this planning stage, our allies are: COPARMEX (Mexican Union of Business Owners); Fundación Idea (think tank on strategic subjects); the United Nations Population Fund; the International Labor Organization; and the Somos Todos project (social mobility initiative). Until now, the development of the IUVENIA Award has been financed by Ollin, Jóvenes en Movimiento, A.C. We are planning to launch this initiative publicly on December 2014, after having fully developed the methodology to be applied and run a test on three Mexican enterprises. The idea is to launch the IUVENIA Award as a full running project on January 2015.

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My name is Mónica. I am a Mexican 24-year old girl. Since college I became interested in all social issues. I have always wanted to do things to help the world become a better place. As a student, some of these actions were done through formal organizations that were somehow related to my school. I studied International Relations in the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Santa Fe, I began to work with people who were committed to make a change focused on sustainable development and being eco-friendly, with Human Rights projects, among others such as poverty, and economical growth. My commitment towards young people led me to work in Ollin, a local NGO working to improve youth participation in Mexico. Each of my previous experiences have represented challenges that tested me as a responsible, critical, and aware of social issues young person, who is also committed to my values and always willing to help. Because of all the social work I have done throughout the years, I won the most important award from the Tecnológico de Monterrey Education System (the Borrego de Oro) in 2013.

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it looks a really good project!!
you should read it and vote!!
so much potential in here :)

July 15, 2014 05:49

I really liked this project. I'm from Mexico and young people doesn't have the impact they can in companies. Great project, hope you get more votes. I just shared on Facebook.

July 6, 2014 11:35

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