Published on May 28, 2014 um 16:24

Summary of your idea

I wanted to put my idea to help the need sick people in many countries that take wages from the patient who need a treatment. Many of them can not afford treatment because of the high costs both for the diagnosis of disease or medication. There are many people who get worse or die becouse of this reason. My idea is to build a sports clubs which take wags from people who enter the clubs or a group of markets we rented so it will entered a good amount of money which will go to a specific hospital for needed people that will provide free treatment for them.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

we need to save people by thinking of if we can succeed. the only two difficult the plan will face is who will accepts to help with a big amount of money and haw we can persuade them .thw second is where we will start ist a limit help for a huge world. But we can surely do it if we can make a big team have the same aim.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The main purpose of the idea is the much Spirit we save the less time we will have it to creat a miracle for the world. First we need to find a funder who except to our plan so we can start the second stage which is build markets and rent them and build a clubs. The third stage is to find a hospital so we give them money so they give free treatment. for who? people who need help need to give the hospital a card we will make it so they know that this people are needed.

Your profile

I am a second year nurse student in university of Nizwa in Oman. I am 19 years old, I love helping people but I dont have the power to do this even if I try, I would like to make my own project to help children, In my opinion they are the angels of the world.

Stage of Idea

idea offered for implementation by others

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , health, youth

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June 15, 2014 01:06

That's very great. I love your project a lot. The lack of medical care in poor countries is a major contributing factor to the high death rate. '

I also wished you had the power, the porer to change the world but you are just one trying to do it on your own.

Don't worry cuz soon, other are going to lift your hands high in the skies and you will achieve your dreams.

Thumb's up to you.

May 30, 2014 18:35

Thanks carolina, Good luck for you to,

May 30, 2014 17:54

I love your idea! Good luck :)