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Published on May 31, 2014 um 09:18

Summary of your idea

The idea is to set up a chain of healthy food delivery restaurants all over the country. Young dropouts will learn how to cook healthy dishes. They will be trained on their entrepreneurial and management skills and discipline. They will also be guided in setting up a feasible business plan. The Health and food professionals will teach them about the food while NGOs, who already are active in their branch, will focus on the entrepreneurship and discipline. These courses will be held at cooking schools, home school and old restaurants. The products that will be used will be purchased from local organic farmers. If the dropouts finish their training successfully, the trainee can get a loan to start their own franchise healthy food delivery restaurant in his or her district. There will be a central website and national telephone number for people all over the country to order their healthy dish. This order will be transferred to the restaurant nearest to the costumer. A percentage of the profits will be used to distribute healthy dishes to retirement homes, orphanages, shelters and to other less fortunate for free. In the future this project has to be a part of the school care plan of the ministry of educational objectives. We also want a health approval stamp of our national health institution. My home country is a tropical country with a lot of different cultures living together in peace. Thanks to all these cultures we are known for our diversity of delicious but often unhealthy food dishes. Our ministry of health recently released an alarming report showing that we as a society maintain a very unhealthy lifestyle, mainly caused by eating unhealthy food. So in order to change that, I want to create more awareness about healthy food.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

By involving the youth we will create awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, which will result in a healthy society. We teach the youth at a young age that they need to work to put food on the table, which will make them pro active in a latter stage. By only using organic food, we stimulate the agriculture to use biological farming, because they will have a guaranteed outlet, which will also contribute to a healthier society and is believed to be better for the environment. This project will create more employment because, apart from the guiders, we also need people to distribute the food all over the country. And by giving the food to the elderly, orphans and other less fortunate we also meet the primary needs of a large group of people. And we encourage entrepreneurship, of which they say is the backbone of the economy.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

At the start, we will need the support of the NGOs. I have already done several successful projects with them and having regard to the nature of this project, this will not be an issue. We will make an agreement with a local bank. This bank is the only bank in Suriname that offers loans without the need of collateral to starting companies. We will also approach all big companies, ministries and other governmental organization that in order to keep their personnel healthy they can order the lunches at our restaurants. By this they will also support giving dropouts a second chance and they contribute at giving the less fortunate healthy food. The ministry of Public Health can also have a part by promoting us in their health program. For the social part of my plan (feeding the less fortunate and elderly) I want to involve the diaspora. Over 400.000 Surinamese people live in the Netherlands and USA etc. This is about 40% of the total Surinamese population. Most of them still have a close connection with Suriname. They also send money grocery to family here on a daily basis. With the right marketing strategy we believe it is possible to convince a lot of them to support the cause with a small amount.

Your profile

I was born in Suriname, but I spent a large part of my youth and study years in the Netherlands. Five years ago I decided to go back home. I am the owner of a Sports promotion company and a publisher. With the sports promotion company I promote the local top athletes through a website en film productions. I am the publisher of a local sports magazine and I also was the co-publisher of a Caribbean sports magazine. I am also the publisher of the official magazine of the eleventh Caribbean Festival of Arts. This magazine was published in the languages Dutch, English and Spanish. On a freelance basis I also work for several NGOs. I write business plans at an organization that supports starting entrepreneurs. I have done some projects with a NGO who guides dropouts and teach them about discipline and as a volunteer I help several Sport organizations when they have tournaments.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, education, health, food security, poverty reduction, elderly, sustainable trade, youth

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