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Published on May 30, 2014 um 11:52

Summary of your idea

Institute to teach the Egyptian students entertainment industry in hotels and resorts after they finish study high school. The financial results for the destinations are the creative tourisms business model. Creative tourism contributes to the local economy by generation of incomes for the local population and revenues for the municipal budgets through taxation. Leakages from the local economy are small as nearly all services and products are provided by the local residents.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

As the creative tourism business model discussed above shows, the development of this type of tourism will have positive impacts on the small municipalities in Egypt that embrace the development of creative tourism: Revival of local crafts, tradition, music, costumes Also Depend on SWOT analysis & make new projects activities & increase the tourism market in the first year depend on the way we will make adv. and choose to be more professional. And try to involve and keep Egyptian Cultural heritage preservation one of the project goals.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Location + we can start low cost if we find Sponsors & the rent of the place that met the project requirement. Management Team Functional structure depend on two ways (startup & renew the vision of animation in Egypt). Business Model: Try to make Green business model innovation in the tourism field & Insights into tourism and experience industries are connected with the increasing need to make the transition from innovation to green innovation Creative industries have been included in a factor for development of tourism. They have been used Increasingly to promote destinations and to increase their competitiveness and attractiveness, there are differences between cultural and Creative tourism, the business model for creative tourism clearly shows that any destination of cultural tourism also can profit from creative tourism. This merger of different types of tourism finds very fertile ground through the creative tourism activities: creative and adventure tourism, cultural and creative tourism, archaeology tourism

Your profile

Summary Motivational team builder, work in Entertainment in tourism field since June 2009, Just work every summer. Team Leader of EGY Technopreneurs since 3/2013 till 5/2014 President of Nile Academy Students Union 2013-2014 My Skills Responsible Active Communicative Speaking foreign languages Healthy Handsome Ready to work with people of different age and nationalities Able to work by strict time-table. Leadership Education Bachelor of Management Information Systems for the year 2014 From Nile Higher Institute of Commerce & Computer Technology

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, cultural diversity , other: Tourism

Mahmoud Elgohary

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