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Summary of your idea

NiuPurification aims to provide clean water to those who cannot attain purified water. NiuPurification will be a sustainable, reasonably priced personal water purifier. The clever thing about this specific purifier is that it uses activated carbon from recycled coconuts to do the purification. Activated carbon is not a task that can be undertaken without certain tools, much of which is unavailable for those who need the Niu-Puriifier. This is why NiuPurification would like to also use the capital obtained through selling the product to provide one activated carbon creating station for each village that uses the product. This will make our product sustainable, and provide jobs and stimulate the economy of the village itself.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Besides the initial payment for the product, NiuPurification will be 100% sustainable, and provide the people who use it with clean water, and for some, jobs. NiuPurification's success will not need to be measured, because after the initial selling of the product, the entire production of the activated carbon, will be taken on by the village itself. NiuPurification does not aim to keep any of the capital for the company, but rather to invest every penny back into the people it came from. Success will be measured in the lives saved, not the monetary gain.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

NiuPurification will first need enough start up capital to put the product into production, and then sales will begin. The capital gained from selling the chamber that holds the activated carbon will then be used to produce, and ship an activated carbon creating station, and any additional capital will be used to lower the cost for the next village. NiuPurification hopes to attain some financial backing from pre-existing water bottling companies such as nestle and ozarka, the rest of the start up capital will be produced through events put on by high school students that also will raise awareness about the conditions of those who will be using the product.

Your profile

My name is Waseem Shabout, I am a student at Uplift North Hills Preparatory, an international baccalaureate school in Dallas Texas. I recently got the school award for outstanding service, I am the head of Student volunteers for ConnecTeach, a member of ProjectPani, and I am currently the president of Junior World Affairs Council. (JWAC) JWAC has provided me with the ability to learn about the world around me, see all of the problems that my generation has to fix, and also learn how to put on fundraisers. I am an avid traveler, and have seen first hand the problems that the less fortunate face. This, paired with my work on ProjectPani, my experience in JWAC and my pre-existing connections ive made from ConnecTeach, lead me to create my idea of NiuPurification.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, other: Village economies

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