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Summary of your idea

My idea is a grocery store which is similar to a supermarket but specializes in selling vegetables and fruits only. The name Mama Mboga is a common name used in Kenya to refer to small scale traders in the estates who sell vegetables and fruits but in limited amounts.The companys name will be easily recognized since its commonly used.I came up with this concept through an observation i made while shopping at a supermarket in Nairobi, Kenya.Many supermarkets in Kenya do sell vegetables and fruits but this section in the supermarket is always small and not all vegetables and fruits sold. This i saw an opportunity that i could own a retail store which is big and sell all variety of fruits and vegetables produced in Kenya.I plan to work with farmers in Kenya and in the East Africa region to obtain vegetables and fruits from them.We will buy in bulk from farmers and sell in small or single units to customers. In Kenya 48.23% of total land is arable while only 19.3% of land is under agriculture. My enterprise will obtain produce directly from farmers cutting of middlemen and this will enable farmers to earn more returns on agriculture.My goal is to increase the practice of agriculture in Kenya and in East Africa so that more arable land is put to use.The uniqueness of my enterprise is that no one in the East Africa market has specialized into this kind of business on a large scale.We will advertise and promote this enterprise through social media,opening up a website and through the radio.The company needs the following to start:capital,suppliers(farmers),rental space, storage and refrigerator facilities and employees.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

My target market is everyone in the society.Vegetables and fruits are very healthy than processed food.They have more vitamins and increase immunity in humans to fight diseases. Kenya has a good climate and my enterprise will reach out to farmers in Kenya.We will obtain fruits and vegetables from the following countys: Kiambu, Muranga,Nyeri and Trans Nzoia county.In the future i also plan to obtain merchandise from Tanzania and Uganda. My idea is profitable because we will be able to buy in large scale from farmers and sell single units increasing our profit margins.Also the idea is sustainable due to the good agriculture climate in Kenya.We will also work with greenhouse farmers to ensure we consistently have produce to sell. The objective of this enterprise is: 1.To promote the agriculture practice in Kenya and this will increase food security in the country. 2.Promote healthy living by eating vegetables and fruits. 3.To work with farmers and improving their living standards by paying them what they deserve. 4.Create employment through agriculture and jobs in by enterprise. 5.To cut of the middlemen who underpay farmers in order for them to benefit.My enterprise will obtain produce directly from farmers in order for farmers to earn more.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The structure of my enterprise will have the following departments:Finance and Accounting,Procurement,Marketing,Human Resource and Operations Management department.Our major collaborators will be farmers and outsourcing firms such as transport facilities. I plan to raise finance this idea through the following ways: 1.By participating in this competition and hopefully winning i am ready to work with an investor . 2.Venture capitalist. 3.Personal saving,Family and friends. 4.Banks and microfinance.

Your profile

I am a 21 year old Kenyan, living in Nairobi.Am a student at University of Nairobi pursuing Bachelor of Commerce.I am self driven, confident,hardworking and ambitious. I also like challenging myself with new task and learning how to be better and to grow intellectually. At the age of 13,i used to sell milk at my estate and earn money. I also used to help my mother operate her kiosk which she used to sell vegetables and fruit in our estate. This year i won first place at the annual Business Entrepreneurship Forum at the University of Nairobi. My business idea about an entertainment company was voted the most creative and innovative.The event was sponsored by iHub Kenya and my idea will be incubated by iHub. Currently am participating at the NSE Investment Challenge 2014. This competition will run from 1st May to 31st July. This competition will help me learn about investing at security exchange and taking risks.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

health, food security, poverty reduction, sustainable trade

Haron Kibet

Haron Kibet

Haron kibet

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