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Summary of your idea

The idea is to Set up bakery ovens to revive the Egyptian heritage from the Pharaohs; oven built with bricks and mud this the most secure and help preserve the environment proved by German studies; these ovens low-cost and energy-saving. The idea also raised includes a restaurant serving organic food Egyptian.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The problems Tattenn solves: - The problem of women, especially rural can not find a job when you are in need of non-availability of jobs that fit their talents and knowledge and ability. Affected by this problem in the community strongly if the disease husband - the father died or no host or any other source of money for the family resulting from this lack of education of children; lack of treatment if they fall ill what affects negatively on society. The bakery will provide employment opportunities for women, especially rural women, and this is good for the exploitation of their skills to help themselves to improve their situation. - - The disappearance of some of the habits of the Egyptian "baking in the oven farmyard traditional habit from the days of the Pharaohs, was used in every house in the countryside and was part of a bride, but now has become a rare view it or use it. - The large consumption of energy "electricity and gas" by the using now a day bakeries - The use of inorganic food, which affects our health. # Client will be women , according to a recent report by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics, the proportion of women in Egypt, 48.9 % of the total population , which reached 94 million. " Housewives and workers ; Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics , the number of women employed in Egypt amounts to 6.4 million working women by 23 % of the total workforce ." # Access to our customers will be as it was explained in the Action Plan * by supply and direct sales , " Carrefour - and exhibitions ..... " and through social networking sites . # Will get profit through the sale of our products or set up a special request of one of such hotels have to build an oven and offers products to their customers . # Is expected to increase global demand for bakery products to expand 7.0% annually between 2014 to 2018 and is considered China , Egypt, India, Rwanda , and the United States the highest potential markets in the coming years. expected to be the strongest annual growth occurring in Egypt ( 16.7% )

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Financing source from family or crowd funding but better winning this competition :D, I have a dream and i will do my best to achieve it The first month : choose the place and outfitted , design , equipment , construction of ovens Baladi . Rental Place- build ovens - equipment " The second month : bakers choose by communicating with charities "Egypt goodness charity-REsala ..... " trained them in first aid ,selling through social networking sites . "salaries for two months" The third month and the fourth and fifth marketing activities Sixth month of the opening of the bakery and the main restaurant The first year to get a private farm"buy a farm , processing places for workers , workers choose , organically grown organic Mahsolna get what saves a lot , especially with the high prices of organic crop Second year the opening of a branch in Qalubiya study the market, choosing the place and his assistant outfitted result , many women and children by providing jobs The third year of the opening of a branch in Europe or America or Dubai

Your profile

Barada Nationality: Egyptian , 26 years old passionate about entrepreneurship Education: Graduated from Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, Mechanical design and production department. Graduation project TRIZ "theory of innovation of problem solving". Achievements/Responsibilities: 1 Head of HR in Resala student activity 2012 part of Resala Charity 2 Participate in worldwide company competition supported by Injaz Company 2011. 3 Head in IDT" industrial development team in Ain Shams University"2009, 2010 and 2011. 4 Member in cord "competition of robot design" acadmy2009. 5 Participant in ACES 2008 (Annual Conference for Engineering Students), Business and Engineering. 6 Member in IDT "industry development team in Ain Shams University"2008 7 Academic member in eliminating illiteracy community in Qalyubiyah. 8 Member in school radio staff & Member in every event in school (musical, sporting, competitions..etc). 9 Member in El-Helal El-Ahmer Red Crescentin school. 10 Organizer of class union and Ftar Ramadan for 7 years. 11 Member in AYB " Ashank Ya Balady-for you my country" Ain Shams university

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, food security, poverty reduction, empowerment of women, other: Keeping tradition and

Pharaohs baking Bread

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