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Summary of your idea

TWhat is Co-Crea? The idea behind Co-Crea is to cocreate sustainable projects between vulnerable communities and appropriate organizations, generating shared value and social inclusion. We are persuaded that EVERY PERSON is the MASTER of his own DESTINY and is the most interested in helping himself. For this reason our efforts are oriented in strengthen their ideas about how to change their environment and, this way, overcome the adverse conditions in which they are living. We have decided to follow their passion! Aware that every case is peculiar just like the needs of each individual person we are going to adopt a differential approach! SO WHAT do we want to do? We want to help Potential ENTREPRENEURS from LOW INCOME COMMUNITY in the outskirt of Bogotá DC to translate their dreams into a reality of social and economic inclusion by CO-CREATING projects with public, private and social sector. At the same time we provide COLOMBIAN CORPORATIONS that understand the strategic value of social responsibility, the possibility to integrate it into their operating and sales processes, creating virtuous cycles. Last but not least, PUBLIC AND SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS can participate into the projects to empower communities that suffer from social and economic exclusion, reducing the level of inequality in Colombia.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Our beneficiaries: - Will overcome their poverty conditions by generating income, - Will realize their lifetime project - Will create socially, economically and environmentally sustainable businesses - Will be perceived as role model, positive examples in the community Will contribute to peace generation in Colombia by creating positive work environments in which victims of internal conflicts collaborate and participate into community development. will understand the role of recycling and protection of the environment as part of their business. Our partners/Customers: - Will enjoy an efficient use of their CSR resources and will receive evaluation of impact - Integrate CSR in their strategy, strengthening the brand with their customers and employees - Can have access to providers that adopt sustainable practices, source and hire locally and contribute to the economic inclusion of vulnerable communities. Social and public organizations: - Participate in economically, socially and environmentally sustainable projects - The projects, fighting social and economic exclusion, support governmental initiatives against poverty and towards social prosperity - Can count on projects designed by and for the community, generating satisfaction in the short and long term in an important segment of the population Goals (post financing our startup and assuming full time dedication): Evaluation and advisory of businesses: 40 (Year1), 120 (by Year 3), 360 (by Year 5) Realize co-creation projects: 8 (Year1), 24 (by Year 3), 60 (by Year 5) Impact people in the community: 80 (Year1), 240 (by Year 3), 600 (by Year 5) Our ambition is to have depth of impact in community life, that means we will prioritize the quality and level of impact to number of people we are supporting.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

HOW would it work? 1. We Identify entrepreneurs in the communities that need support to start or develop their business. 2. We conduct a study of the context and the feasibility of the business idea. 3. We CO-DESIGN with entrepreneurial orientation plan to turn your business idea into a self-sustaining enterprise with social impact. 4. We establish partnerships with public entities, private and social sector that will contribute in kind or with money for carrying out the plan, creating shared value. 5. CO-IMPLEMENT project, coordinating the actors involved. 6. CO-END once the project has been able to achieve the goals, leaving a sustainability plan to the entrepreneur. All stages include constant monitoring of the activities performed. Co-Crea revenues come from creation and coordination of each project (design + management) and the value should be around 10-20% of project value. We plan to partner with organizations: -providing training, mentoring or seed capital for our entrepreneurs -supporting psychologically the victims of violence -public institutions whose core activity is reducing poverty, support environment-friendly programs, reintegrate victims of armed conflicts or drive entrepreneurship

Your profile

Sonia Agnesod, 29 years old, Italian, multilingual professional with a global MBA (Shanghai-San Francisco) and more than 5 years international experience in business development for a Fortune500 in Europe and (digital) marketing experience in social and private sector in China and Colombia. After studying social entrepreneurship I have now relocated to Colombia to develop a career in marketing and administration of social enterprises with a specific focus in economic development of low income communities. Luckily in this journey I would not be alone. My team can count on 3 Colombian partners with diverse professional backgrounds: Mario 27 years old- Political scientist Expert in public administration with special focus in its responsibility in the areas of internal economic migration, citizens participation and social innovation in Colombia. Katerine - 30- Lawyer She works in Human Rights promotion and researches related topics such as minors recruitment, legal investigation with victims in their process towards peace and justice. Juan - 30 years old - Sociologist He researched the segments of Colombian population (focus: youth) in condition of vulnerability, designed and implemented productive projects with vulnerable communities in rural areas.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , environment, poverty reduction, sustainable trade

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