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Published on May 31, 2014 um 09:01

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Developing countries such as Bangladesh often combat against increasing school drop-out rates. In Bangladesh alone, 5 million students enroll in primary schools every year and barely 50% of them pass the 10th grade. On one hand, teachers in the schools struggle with managing over 70 students simultaneously, catching up with the course outlines and unavailability of adequate learning materials. On the other, parents are either illiterate or (professional ones) too busy with jobs. Teachers in school are poorly trained and insufficiently paid thereby having no incentives to deliver materials effectively to students. Students gradually struggle with following text books and develop an overwhelming fear of exams leading to actual problem experiences such as difficulty in concentration, stress and the like. All these factors push students to anxiety and paranoia which affect their eventual performance in exams. Most students dont move onto high school or remain in the same grade because often they are not academically prepared and they fail big exams to get in. Teletest is an Education content subscription application integrated into cheap cost solar power tablet. It delivers educational and curriculum materials that allow for remote learning and tutoring, learning among peers, and improved communication between students, teachers and parents. Teletest Technologies addresses school dropout rates in Bangladesh that result from inadequate preparation by empowering students to engage in distance learning. Teletest is the new way of approaching education whereby learning will be competitive and fun. With the recent attempts of Bangladesh government to go digital, and distribute tablet around even in the most remote areas of the country, realization of Teletest is only a matter of time and will play its part in making the future leaders, taxpayers and citizens as productive as possible.

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Teletest addresses the need of two aspects. First, every year books get more expensive as costs for manufacturing and printing those increases. Parents find it harder to buy education materials for their children than paying school fees. Second, the ratio of teachers to students is more than 1:70 which makes disseminating teaching materials in the orthodox ways often difficult. TeleTest is an application with an information bank of all course work, Digital version of textbook, practice questions and mock examination tests. It will carry all courses under the national curriculum in Bangladesh. In doing so, students will study like they play on a smartphone, by keeping tabs on scores and competing virtually, till they appear for the actual exams. It has been trend among companies go for online platforms but the marginalized students cannot use them lacking computers. TeleTest Technologies Company will be a platform for authors and publishers. We make their contents more profitable as it will not be easy to copy. Large volume distribution of educational tablets with numbers of E-books and other supplements collectively make the ecosystem convenient and profitable. All the players in this system will help improving the standard of education and collectively makes study easier Social Return on investment: Increased future benefits from education received. Reduced Dropout rate. Monetary savings from cost of expensive coaching centers & private tuitions. Direct savings from buying additional assessment materials. M-Learning and E-learning platform for the students of Bangladesh. Without a doubt, eLearning, virtual or distance education and interactive learning materials are the future of education not just in Bangladesh, but the developing world as a whole.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Teletest is the brainchild of a team of ambitious youths from Bangladesh. This is a social business enterprise motivated from the gaps in the dissemination of learning materials to students in countries such as Bangladesh and the like where the student to teacher ratios are very high. The Market for TeleTest technologies is particularly strong. Currently the country has around 40.79 million students. Key activities: Digitalizing the learning contents Inputting those contents in the Teletest application Integrating Teletest application into the lower cost Tablets & smart phones Initially we have planned to launch Teletest application targeting Dhaka City and its nearby areas. Then after first successful year of operation we will gradually expand our distribution channel to all over the Bangladesh. Teletest is the first of its kind with the entire market to use in Bangladesh. The access to this market remains individualistic to Teletest because it will be partnered with the government to have the greatest access and dissemination system as well as to enjoy monopoly on public education which is prevalent in the country already. Also, it is going to be patented and thus cannot be directly contested thereby eliminating opportunities of private competitors. Teletest aims to partner with local NGOs such as BRAC and Grameen bank to help distribute the product in installment basis once it is released for use. It needs around $260,000 to start the venture. The social return of the project is manifolds, as educating a few even, helps build a more aware, progressive society. For Every dollar investment in Teletest technologies, it will generate $213 social return. Teletest technology is not just an education content provider company Rather, it aims to work together with education institutions, content publishers, authors, parents and students to address studying needs.

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Rezaul Karim (founder) is currently enrolled in Bachelor of Business Administration program in University of Dhaka. He is keen about the fields of Business Development, Marketing, and Public Relation. Currently he is now working as Freelance business plan writer and consulted more than 20 startup companies. He has won the Most Promising Project Award in Dell Education Challenge competition12 and was the Finalist in Global innovation through science and technology competition (GIST. In Malyasia Rezaul has been trained by Tech entrepreneurs regarding running start-ups, leadership and business networking. Rezaul got the opportunity to present his this business idea in 4th global Entrepreneurship summit and Global social entrepreneurship summit held in Malaysia and USA. He is now seeking funds for his business and continuously pitching to investors. Of course these are not all, if you want to know more about him please write sometime to @[email protected]

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June 2, 2014 06:21

good idea. i like the way how you see technology to revolutionize your country needs. how can you assure distribution of tabs to all remote areas?
The weapon that you chose has to be crafted well in young minds. is it a gonna be private start up or government influenced? Great plan.