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Published on May 30, 2014 um 13:48

Summary of your idea

The main objectives of my idea is to -To promote entrepreneurship and ICT in education and agriculture -T connect Zambians to the latest life changing opportunities -To educate,empower and support The activities of Zambia Opportunities Agency (ZOA) will basically to organize entrepreneurship workshops, conferences and seminars. Over and above this the agency will gather and offer life changing opportunities within Zambia and across in one niche. The opportunities referred in this regard include employment, grants, loans, competition, internship, conferences, fellowships and scholarships for undergraduate,post graduate and doctoral. Zambia Opportunities Agency will be a self-sustaining venture in that, the business model will be built upon leveraging complementary nature of opportunities from stakeholders which include government owned, private owned and NGOs. This further adds that the agency target, is to create a total 326 jobs to the Zambian in the ten provinces. The innovative approach of the idea is that Zambians will cease moving from one place to another in search of jobs, scholarships and other opportunities and they will nolonger be spending a K3 which they spend to buy a newspaper for the sole purpose of checking for various opportunities meaning the services for ZOA will be to advantage of the opportunity seekers seeing that they will no longer be spending K3 to buy newspaper which only contain few opportunities. As such, opportunity seekers will be able to check for latest opportunities at their convenient time and on a daily basis. Companies and organizations will be privileged to advertise their Jobs, scholarships, competition, fellowships, loans and many more opportunities with us at no cost.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Zambia opportunities agency will prioritize job creation and the target will be to create 326 direct jobs for Zambians especially young people in the ten provinces. In addition to this zambia opportunities agency will create indirect jobs to zambians through its distribution and operations activities. Zambia opportunities agency will contribute indirectly to several of the other MDGs through improved nutritional status and enhanced livelihoods of Zambians by creating jobs in the ten provinces of zambia hence will be eradicating extreme poverty levels. Provision of better working opportunities and opportunities of participating in community service, empowerment motivation features, opportunities for grants, loans competitions etc will be our core business. With respect to the main objectives of the idea, the gap which other existing companies have left will be covered, in the sense that Zambia Opportunities Agency will; 1. Promote entrepreneurship by addressing its importance in the school curricula, provoking access to credit, business development skills training and other information 2. Promote an holistic development of the young persons cognitive and creative and emotional abilities to their full potential. 3. Give priority to policies and programmes including youth advocacy and peer to peer features for marginalised youth such as out of school and out of work youth to offer them the opportunity and motivation to re integrate into mainstream society. 4. Providing strengthening features to participation in and the quality of training in science and technology. Our measures to evaluate success will be done monthly to see how our targets groups in society will benefit from our products and services

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The business model for Zambia Opportunities Agency will be to connect Zambians to the latest life changing opportunities, promote the use of ICT in education training and agriculture. This is to say it will deliver its services in workshops, conferences, online and in print form. The resources realized from the workshops, sales, consultancy and conferences will be used to sustain the companies human resource. In addition to this, in future part of the resources realized will provide grants, loans and awards to deserving hardworking youth and organisation for socio economic development purposes and as a form of empowerment. In line with MDGs, Zambia Opportunities Agency will create and develop a global partnership for development by partnering with other organizations across borders and within zambia including the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Sports and other stakeholders to ensure that the use of ICT in education training and agriculture works out and that life changing opportunities are put in niche. This business has the potential to be a success for the reason that its products and services have been on demand to the Zambians.

Your profile

Winston Muleba 25 is a Zambian. Trained as an Aquaculturist (Bachelor of science) at the Copperbelt University. I am also a Freelance writer, motivational speaker who wishes to be a role model of success and achievement by performing to the best of my abilities in everything I do. I support,motivate,and inspire all those I come into contact with such as families, associates and all people so that they can succeed in all areas of life. I am very actively involved in corporate matters, decision making, strategic planning, creating policies and many more. My main interest are people and sharing my knowledge, opinion on different platforms which include social networks. Currently I am a columnist for the Post Newspaper, a leading newspaper in Zambia and I also serve as a Director-Operation demand side for Yet Youth Empowerment Transformation NGO. My past industrial experience are that once upon a time I worked for Pepsi stores in Ndola as a sales assistant, project quality controller for Wood Processing Industries in Ndola, Quality Control Officer Trainee for Kafubu Water and Sewerage Ltd in Ndola, Water Resources Officer Trainee for Department of Water affairs in the ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development. Lastly I have been an ardent writer for popular magazines and newspaper in Zambia including Times of Zambia, Zambia daily mail, Speakout magazine,Copperbelt University Anti AIDS magazine and many more. Furthermore, I recently participated in a think Job writing competition for World Bank Zambia and made it to the final round.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, empowerment of women, youth, other:

Winston Muleba

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July 8, 2018 23:26

A very wonderful idea that can also be developed, and useful to society, I suggest you work with partnerships to create business divisions to help entrepreneurs

July 6, 2014 09:53