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Published on June 2, 2014 um 16:22

Summary of your idea

Gaming-room with advanced gaming technology as a recreational center of the community. District advertising and Historical informative website Youth Empowerment workshops Free computer lessons to elderly people and less privileged children (kids from poor backgrounds).

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

* Target of operation is rural areas (Boteti District), as for target group are businesses or companies, elderly, teenagers and youth age (secondary scholars and out of school group) * Elders and less privileged kids will be given free computer basic skill to try and level them up with IT world as a way of closing a gap that currently exist to them as people who live in rural areas. This kind of offer will help many to access cyber media and any other things they want to do using a computer. *The games-room will be equipped with computer and video games of latest technologies to bring quality entertainment to youth as a way of refraining them from undesirable doings in the community. Customers will be less charged per game so that they get more time of entertainment whereas also the business gains profit which i label as WIN-WIN situation. On weekends there will be mean computer games, video games and pool table tournaments. This tournament are being registered for in order to take part and winners goes away with certain amount and company merchandise as a way of expanding the branding. On month-end, all winners of weekends competitions now will be treated as participants who runs for championship title which they compete for by registering with less amount and there be entrance fees for supporters. * The websites will be concentrating on regional matter/ sells the region nationwide even international in cyber means as it has lot of the undiscovered tourism opportunities, massive mining activities and interesting historical stories about people residing on it. This website will also be working as a selling agent of companies and businesses. all companies and individuals will be paying for such services and sections like regional breaking news, entertainment issues (artists, music promotions, events) and job adverts will be published for free as a way of attracting more users to the website.Free computer lessons is a strategy I will be using do promote word of mouth advertising of the business as in that way people will be sharing the news of the business for free in meetings and around villages. Thus will be reducing business costs on marketing part. At the end of the day profits from the business will be invested in poor children by providing them with basic needs for their school (shoes, uniforms etc)

Plans for implementation and sustainability

This will be running as a profit making community organ which will be basing relying more on its daily business incomes and self sponsor. Some of funds will be from government loan schemes such as youth funds and any other available potential sponsors. As it is a huge initiative, it will be carried out by tertiary graduates on various fields to make it more professional and successful through their knowledge and skills they obtained on their learning curve in volunteering bases even though they will be earning basic amount to enable them a living. Such people will be computer specialists, journalists, marketers, accountants and other who hails from the district. This is a way of engaging graduates to gain experience as they continue with job hunting. B.I.A (Boteti Innovative Association) will be liaising with professionals on all fields for better outcomes of our services. Youth empowerment workshops will be organised by BIA team and invite various stakeholders like legal institutions, health, social workers, companies, youth business sponsors, churches and any other interested parties as a way of giving/equipping youth with all information they might need. BIA team will also be helping out all youth who is willing to start their business by offering free business plans writing, research and recommendations of possible sponsors on such models of their business. On aspect of games-room and computer lessons I will be using the existing equipment that i used for business as a starting point as I am finding ways having more funds to expand the association.

Your profile

I am a young citizen Of Botswana aged 25. I completed my tertiary studies on 2012 as a software engineer and business management diploma holder. During my study period i got engaged in various community events as a volunteer and participant to give a better living for the poor and elderly people. On my completion i got engaged on a games room business for a year and left it for pursuing my carrier as a IT and Medical equipment's electronics specialist which is my current position after i worked with several companies as computer technician for about a year. I also went through leadership programme and once become a student representative council member as minister of sports. On community impact doings now, I am a core founder and chairman of a group called Tenants Voice Forum which is a pressure group to the government in order to come up with tenants landlords board which regulated the relation in terms of rental issues which does not exist at present moment in Botswana. I am a chess player and a hockey player.

Stage of Idea

planning stage, start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, elderly, youth

My self

Logo of forum um chairing

Games room equipment

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June 5, 2014 11:48

Thanx Atone Zwinani ds means a lot to me, lets mobilise this to make our country a better place

June 5, 2014 11:22

Good work brother its good to see my fellow country men being Active Citizens. All the best you got my vote.

June 4, 2014 16:54

together we can make a change