Mobtec: the workshop of nature.

Published on June 3, 2014 um 11:02

Summary of your idea

The mobtec is a reuse of the physical residue in the creation of eco-products for use in the development of environmentally friendly furniture and home accessories. Furthermore, it was thought about the participation, awareness and empowerment of society so that it could produce its own eco-products. Whether for personal use or generation of source of income thus meeting concepts of citizenship and good environmental practice. This proposal came through the problems that exist in Brazil and are replicated worldwide. Brazil produces 250 000 tons of daily garbage where only 2% is recycled. Another problem is that Brazil has 16.27 million people in extreme poverty, which represents 8.5% of the population. The identification of people living below the poverty line. Therefore the project is carried out in a lifecycle where lectures are given on the process of selective collection, creation of eco-products, design concepts and ergonomics, entrepreneurship, marketing and sales; creation of eco-products, after-sales tracking, preparation of book and video lessons to be viewed remotely and thus being able to benefit more people. Since one of the most potential markets in this century is the ecological products destined to the end consumer. Thus what was being produced and would keep the project and would provide conditions for participants to keep participating. We believe that such action may not only promote social change, as it may reflect in other field such as education, health and economic.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

reduce the environmental impact caused by the physical residue. For such will be compared as trash was generated prior to the project by the community, as was generated during the project and after the project. As well as the social change, implicated in learning, behavior, and economic relationship with the sale of ecoproducts" made by. In addition to the environmental impact, one of the goals is to reduce poverty by promoting sustainability of community and promoting technical entrepreneurship education.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

For such objectives be achieved the project provides a model of business business to client (b2c). Or is the material collected by the community and donations from companies or partners who can donate equipment and material for manufacturing of eco products. TO THE extent that the same are consumed by the community at a fair price, through the fair economy. Will be generated a monetization, that will be the basis for maintaining the project and be able to scale it to other communities. As well as marketing strategy, can be carried out fairs or participation in events of crafts, ambience and even the creation of label that can represent a particular company and thus be manufactured in large quantities. Being another source of monetization, as well as creation of common spaces for each artisan put their products in a showcase that account on your product as the history of the artisan and the product.

Your profile

Hello ! I am Karla Godoy. I am from a poor city of the state of Pernambuco called Jaboatão dos Guararapes, with so much effort and against the expectatives that my community had about woman I graduated in 2013 in interior design showing my friends that everything is possible if you believe. I've been working with so much special people that helped me to develop my talents to help others. The StartUp that I work with is called Life Up. We develop technological solutions for the necessities that we see in the world. Developing the Mobtec project is a opportunity to help those from the place where come from to have a chance to get better in life. This is a opportunity to be the diference to others lives. These are some of the awards I have won working with my team: Imagine Cup 2014 National champion Innovation category. Imagine Cup 2014 Honorable Standing in User Experience 2014. Imagine Cup 2014 Winner 1st place in Challenge Blueprint 2014. Challenge Brazil 1st place in the category co-creation. Award Innovation of Luck Life Up award. Imagine Cup 2014 Honorable menstion Elevator Pitch

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Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, education, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, empowerment of women, youth

Use of banks dropped, gaining new versions and utilities by mobtec project

Environment created with waste physical for school community

Workshop on reuse of tin of paint spary, for manufacture of cases school

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