Construcoco - eco bricks in the construction of an environmental and social society

Published on June 9, 2014 um 13:28

Summary of your idea

The Construcoco is based on the development of a mini-company construction focused on the development of materials for sustainable buildings. The differential of the project is the use of a raw material from the remains of garbage: the fiber from coconut shell. We create a brick that has 20% coconut fiber and eliminates the use of cement. This way we could cheapen the product without loss of quality, and still enjoy a material that is 70% of the waste from the coast.The idea is that eco-products for construction - has as its goal the sustainable reuse of coconut and economically viable form being applied in construction, which therefore seeks to minimize the impacts of materials and harmful environmental elements. With the initial result bricks and a study for the development of tiles, ceramic floor and counter. Knowing that the coconut is a raw material present in most countries such a project could be scaled. And adapted to new needs and raw materials, such as construction of retaining walls, paving, stairs and more. Taking benefits, so that each community produce its product can make a good application and use and still market the product.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

It is expected that this idea may reduce the environmental impact caused by the physical residue of coconut or other materials that can be adapted. Besides the environmental impact, one of the goals is to reduce poverty by promoting sustainable community and to promote entrepreneurial, technical education. For the formation of such multipliers becomes important, people who can replicate the design world by being the same scalable and adaptable to the needs of each community.The measurement points of the project is by how many products of construction are developed by the community in periods weekly or biweekly, between bricks, cobograms, tiles. After the order that these products are intended for own use, Community use or marketing. The quantity produced, reflects the reduction of the residue of the coconut as garbage and in the sustainable development of the community.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The project consists of an academic initiative in which we prize good environmental practice and social responsibility , through joint community actions that can achieve the following objectives: Points are created for local collections of coco, where there is a sale or a logistics of collection of this raw material, the same must proceed with the clay. Thus prompted support for governmental units to fit the structure or private companies with social responsibility. After a certain time the project becomes sustainable, because the products developed by the community will be sold at a fair price and that allows other communities purchase and thus have a better quality of life. What comes to be easy since the brick compared to commercial brick has a reduction of 30% in value in relation to commercial, takes no burning or cement. This does not affect the structure and safety of the product!

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I am a high school student, and I study Visual Communications. Recently,I've won the first place on a Microsoft competition in the World Citizenship Category. I am the kind of person who can deal with any situation, capable of taking good advantages of every change, and I know how to enjoy the good opportunities. I am opened mind for people opinions and choices. I am a volunteer at Interact Program from Rotary International which cares about developing leadership skills in the young.

Stage of Idea

idea offered for implementation by others

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environment, education, health, sustainable energy, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, empowerment of women, youth

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